The 5 ways that Nigerian entertainment has evolved on the internet

The 5 ways that Nigerian entertainment has evolved on the internet

The Nigerian entertainment industry has been a pre-eminent media sector in Africa. Just as Nollywood has led the way in the realm of movies and television, the internet has provided a fantastic way for Nigerian entertainment to evolve and develop. This article discusses these developments and shows why this sector will likely continue providing excellent entertainment, hobbies, and pastimes online.

Nigerian gaming industry

Gaming in Nigeria has become a mainstay of the online entertainment sector, and it is an industry that is reported as being worth over 600 billion dollars (N730 billion) and growing all the time. There are great game developers as well as a range of tech and hardware innovators that have driven this expansion.

The development of games specific to Nigerian culture and history and the worldwide trend toward online casinos have been the main impetus for this development and growth. One of the main pre-cursors for players is that they find sites that accept local players. Take one of the most popular game genres online as an example – the online casino. Just as when in countries like Australia, you look for real money casinos that accept Australian players, you also need to look for casino sites that are based in Nigeria if you live in the country and wish to get involved in this popular hobby.

The Nigerian film and television sector

This sector, better known as Nollywood, has been the backbone of the entertainment sector. Movies made based on local themes and culture, as well as language, are commonplace, and with the establishment of a Nigerian film Netflix channel and a number of social media sites that promote Nigerian television and movies, it is a genre that has managed to take on a global following.

Over 2,500 films are produced annually, making Nollywood second only to Bollywood in its productivity. It was the local market that initially drove sales and demand. This has changed, and as the industry boosts its professional approach, the movies produced have become more accepted by a global audience as a niche film sector. The internet and access to online Nigerian movies drove this.

Nigerian music

Nigerian music is a popular global taste and has spread over the internet, just as the movie, television, and gaming industries have expanded. This is somewhat logical in that all of the aforementioned entertainment types use music to create the immersive environment users want.

However, with the rise of Spotify and free online radio, Nigerian music has arguably gone mainstream. Internationally renowned artists now sample Nigerian rhythms, tunes, and lyrics alike, and it is a sector that will probably only grow further as Nigerian internet infrastructure improves.

The Nigerian diaspora is massive, and people want to be able to access and engage with culturally specific entertainment that reminds and connects them to their country of origin – Nigeria.

Lastly, as the Nigerian middle class expands, more income is spent on entertainment. The Nigerian entertainment sector is thus one of the fastest growing in the world and will provide both great options for Nigerians at home and abroad as well as providing entrepreneurial and business opportunities for years to come.

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