Telkom Mobile How To: Account Login, Check Airtime Balance, Cancel Contracts & Contact Customer Care

Telkom Mobile How To: Account Login, Check Airtime Balance, Cancel Contracts & Contact Customer Care

Telkom is a South African mobile telecommunications services provider. Currently headquartered in Centurion, South Africa, the company was launched in October 2010 to provide vital telecommunications services.

Since its founding, it has grown steadily, becoming a favourite among many in South Africa. But, of course, it has got fierce competition in the Rainbow Nation, including Cell C, Vodacom, Vodafone, Neotel, Virgin Mobile, and the MTN Group.

Like other network providers, Telkom Mobile is determined to make transactions easy for its subscribers and has created multiple avenues to enable users easily access its services.

The company has a robust USSD infrastructure and a website where subscribers can create accounts and access a suite of features, including account balance, data subscription, etc. There’s also a Telkom app for the mobile-centric crowd. So, whichever way subscribers choose to go, they’ll find Telkom just ahead of them – and at their service, too.

Account Login

To log in to your Telkom account for the first time, you would need to be a Telkom subscriber and then create an account. This can be done at the website

Creating an account gives you access to a suite of features on the Telkom network that you might not be able to access without. Also, if you’re connected to the Internet using a Telkom SIM, you can quickly view your current SIM usage without logging in.

Of course, now and then, people forget their passwords. But this wouldn’t be a problem. If you forgot the password to your Telkom account, you would need only to send the word “Password” in an SMS to 0123210215, and the service will send you your password immediately.

Check Airtime Balance

Of what use is a network provider if it doesn’t allow you to check your time balance in a flash and whenever you please? Here, once again, Telkom makes things easy for its subscribers.

First off, though, to recharge your Telkom line, you need only dial *188*Telkon recharge code#

Checking airtime balance on the Telkom network is as easy as dialling *188# When you dial the code, all your balances will be sent to you in a text message and at no cost.

Cancel Contracts

Contracts have often been described as avenues through which some companies can tie people to their networks – or somehow make them commit – for some time. Telkom is no different. But then there are avenues to cancel one’s contract if one feels like it.

Telkom has made it easy for those who want to cancel a service on its network. Cancelling is more accessible online, and the company recommends going online to cancel a service.

The first step is to log in to your Telkom profile at – or create a profile if you don’t have one. After logging in, select “Services” and then “Manage Accounts.” Finally, select “Cancel” on the applicable service.

You may need to upload a copy of supporting documents (your ID, for example). You have thereafter to accept the terms to submit. You’d receive a confirmation from the site.

Below are some Telkom codes and the services they render.

Code Action (What the code does)
*180# Mobile Account Menu (buy bundles, transfer airtime/data, manage spend limit, get device settings, change tariff, BIS)
*1# Check what your mobile number is
*2# Check what your IMSI is
*#06# Check what your IMEI number is
*140*mobile number# Send a Call Me

If you find yourself totally in a fix and need to contact customer care immediately, then, using your Telkom line, you only have to dial the company’s toll-free customer care line: 180.

However, you would be billed if you decide to use a line other than Telkom. Just dial 081180. To get other help, use this link.


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