Suspected ISWAP terrorists kill two commuters in Borno



Suspected ISWAP terrorists kill two commuters in Borno


An attack along Gamboru Ngala road in Borno State this morning claimed the lives of two commuters on the scene.



The two people who were reportedly killed were drivers who were shot inside their automobiles while traveling towards Ngala before the time limit was set.

The gunshots and the improvised explosive device (IED) both went off at the same time, leaving others critically injured and bleeding profusely until rescue arrived.

A reliable source told newsmen that trouble started when “a trailer drove on an improvised explosive device (IED) which exploded later, killing him and wounding other occupants in the process.

The source claims that two more commuters may have died as a result of excessive bleeding, shooting the casualties to four dead before help came.

The reliable military source said that “immediately the explosion took place, the Islamic State of West Africa (ISWAP) who were watching at the sidelines moved in and looted the food items from the trailer and loaded two of their Hilux vehicles with the items.

“The attackers also seized one Volkswagen vehicle after killing the driver. They then asked the women, children, and other passengers inside to disembark so that they can steal the vehicle away into the Savannah.

“After killing those commuters, they equally stopped one trailer loaded with iron rods thinking it was food stuffs. In discovering that it was not consumable goods they allowed him to go.”

Another security source told newsmen that “the drivers and victims affected by the attack disrespected the curfew time limits for plying the road during the day.

“The road usually opens around 8 o’clock in the morning and that is when the security would first ply to check for booby traps.

“They left early in the morning before the security operative cleared the road.

“The situation of landmines on the road was quite unclear for them. They took a great risk to have gone into the route unchecked leaving at least four others wounded after the attack.

“Eventually, security personnel went to the scene and evacuated some of the wounded women and the Corpses of the two drivers who were killed on the spot.”

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