Street Fighter 6 demo is now available on PS4 and PS5; Capcom offers an in-depth look at the World Tour mode

Street Fighter 6 demo is now available on PS4 and PS5; Capcom offers an in-depth look at the World Tour mode

Street Fighter 6 demo is now available on PS4 and PS5; Capcom offers an in-depth look at the World Tour mode

Street Fighter 6 has just received a free playable demo on PS4 and PS5. During the Street Fighter Showcase, held early Friday, developer Capcom revealed a host of new details about its upcoming fighter, ranging from Year 1 DLC characters to its single-player World Tour mode, and released a surprise demo, featuring Ryu and Luke. as playable characters. The SF6 demo is live now on PlayStation and will be available on April 26 for those on PC and Xbox Series S/X. The demo lets you try out World Tour and create a custom avatar/fighter, which can then be transferred into the full game at launch, provided it’s the same platform. Any progress will not carry over.

As with every iteration, Street Fighter 6 will serve as a platform for fans to fight over the next two years. The previous installment, Street Fighter V, released in 2016 and still maintains an active player base, with tons of in-person tournaments to go along with it. Capcom will keep things fresh and exciting by adding new fighters to its Street Fighter 6 roster as DLC. First, tech-savvy Rashid is slated to arrive in Summer (Global North) 2023, followed by a new addition to the franchise, AKI, in the fall, marking the end of DLC additions in 2023. The two remaining characters drop next year – Ed from Street Fighter V in early winter and franchise regular Akuma in the spring of 2024.

Capcom is also doubling down on its single-player mode by introducing RPG mechanics. World Tour mode immerses you in the sprawling metropolitan city with a newly created character, whose appearance can be fully customized, ranging from changes to hair, eyes, skin, etc. From there, you’ll train under Coach Luke and go through basic combat moves and combos before heading out on your adventure. The world itself has an open feel, featuring bystanders in a Yakuza-like town who can be openly challenged to battle. The more you fight, the stronger your avatar becomes, thanks to EXP which can then be exchanged for stat boosts such as Vitality (HP). Some fights come with specific objectives that, when completed, grant rewards. By staying in line with RPG elements, players can purchase and equip clothing, which ultimately affects their stats and appearance. Capcom also notes that the product lineup will change periodically, so it’s best to keep checking the store from time to time.

You can also buy food and consume food from local vendors, which can restore health and give your stats a temporary boost. Items like energy drinks can be used in the middle of a battle to gain the upper hand, like SEGA’s Persona series of games. Players can also learn Master Action from legendary fighters like Chun-Li once enrolled in their battle school. Feel free to take on special missions from your masters, further boosting your relationship levels. Street Fighter 6’s World Tour mode also includes a Drive Stall move, which can be activated to slow down time and safely escape any ambushes.

Street Fighter 6 releases June 2 on PC, PS4, PS5, and Xbox Series S/X.

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