“Stop Lumping Me”- xQc Shows Off $2 Million That He Won From Gambling Off-Stream



“Stop Lumping Me”- xQc Shows Off $2 Million That He Won From Gambling Off-Stream

Following the hot-tub meta, gambling streams have now become the hottest topic on Twitch. This is primarily because streamers who openly gamble on streams are getting sponsored to do so. From xQc and Ludwig to Pokimane and Asmongold, a plethora of big names have either supported or disregarded this trend.



xQc started gambling on Twitch recently. He discovered the genre is new, and many fans love to watch it. However, after severe backlash from the community, he refrained from gambling a lot on streams.

Regardless, some viewers are still accusing xQc of gambling on stream. They believe the streamer is apparently addicted to the process and is promoting it. Naturally, this infuriated him.

xQc reveals his gambling earnings to silence the haters

In a recent live stream, xQc started gambling with a $300,000 balance. He soon lost around $100,000 and then stopped gambling on stream. However, the former Overwatch pro continued off-stream and has earned huge profits up till now. When accused of gambling on stream, xQc could not resist showing off his current earnings.

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Surprisingly, xQc has generated over $2.6 million from gambling at the moment. This is enough to prove that he did not gamble on stream at all, and still made millions through it.


Lengyel doesn’t want to be associated with other gambling streamers on Twitch

Soon after proving that he doesn’t gamble on stream, xQc started complaining about other creators on Twitch that fans were associating him with. Even though he didn’t take any names, he might have been talking about Trainwreckstv.

“It’s not a flex. It’s just to show you that things were different and there wasn’t an added bing, bing, bing. It just wasn’t. It wasn’t like that. I didn’t take a deal like that because that is scummy. Because that is scum s**t. I didn’t take scum s**t. Stop lumping me with hardcore scum**gs. Stop it!” ranted the streamer.

All in all, it is self-evident that xQc can easily stop gambling on stream. Despite making a fortune, he never publicized his gambling balance in front of viewers and never motivated them to gamble for earning money.

PepegaWarlord – xQc Clips covered xQc’s latest remarks on his gambling streams in a video:

Following all the drama and criticism, it is safe to assume that Twitch will soon open up on gambling streams. Up till then, Trainwreckstv and other creators who openly support such content can continue creating it.

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