Stone Cold Steve Austin Reveals Two Matches he Wished for During his Iconic WWE Career



Stone Cold Steve Austin Reveals Two Matches he Wished for During his Iconic WWE Career

In his amazing WWE career, Stone Cold Steve Austin faced a ton of fellow legends. From his rivalries with The Rock and Triple H, to one-off matches with Undertaker and Kurt Angle, Austin put on some brilliant matches in WWE. However, there are two opponents he wishes he could’ve faced prior to his retirement.



Stone Cold Steve Austin wanted to face two huge legends

Stone Cold Steve Austin
HOUSTON – APRIL 05: Stone Cold Steve Austin salutes the crowd one last time at “WrestleMania 25” at the Reliant Stadium on April 5, 2009 in Houston, Texas. (Photo by Bob Levey/WireImage)

In the conversation of the most important superstar in WWE history, we often throw two names about: Hulk Hogan and Stone Cold Steve Austin. Both icons led a generation of WWE superstars into more successful periods, thanks to their legendary exploits.

Another name that should be in the conversation, but doesn’t get enough credit is Ric Flair. Although his work outside WWE is better, Flair remains a pillar of pro wrestling in North America. On Busted Open Radio, Austin talked about missing out on matches with Hogan and Flair.

“Yeah, it would have been great to go against Hogan. He was still pretty primed up. He was on the backside, but could still do it. My headspace wasn’t in the right place, but certainly I could have done it. It would’ve been a different match to what he had ever had.”

“Flair – I wish I could have worked with Flair in his prime. I worked with him the night before I walked out in Atalanta, over doing the favors for Brock Lesnar. We worked in a cage that night and I was happy as a kid in a candy store.”

Although Austin wanted to face Flair in his prime, we found a match from June 3rd, 2002, where the two legends met on an episode of Raw. As for Hogan vs Austin, we got a little taste of it on March 11th, 2002 on Raw. Austin teamed with Hogan’s WrestleMania X8 opponent The Rock against the Hulkster and Scott Hall.

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Austin’s greatest WWE matches

Stone Cold Steve Austin and Bret Hart put on the best wrestling match in WWE history at WrestleMania 13. That night at the Rosemont Horizon in Illinois marked the best double turn in company history. Austin walked into the PPV as a heel, but a heroic performance won the hearts of the fans.

Austin’s rivalry with The Rock featured three incredible WrestleMania matches, but their WrestleMania X7 clash is the best. Both men used the No Disqualification stipulation to their advantage, but didn’t use weapons like modern WWE matches. Instead, Austin and The Rock relied on their unmatched chemistry and storytelling to create a WrestleMania classic.

Before facing The Rock at WrestleMania, Austin went through Three Stages of Hell with Triple H. Austin and the Game took chunks out of each other in a brutal and bloody war in which the Game emerged victorious. However, Austin still maintained his course to WrestleMania to beat The Rock for the WWE Championship.

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