Starfield release date delayed again, Bethesda sets September 6 release date

Starfield release date delayed again, Bethesda sets September 6 release date

Starfield release date delayed again, Bethesda sets September 6 release date

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Starfield has been delayed yet again. In an update video, studio Bethesda Softworks has confirmed that its upcoming space RPG is set to release on September 6. The title had already been postponed to the first half of 2023 and is now experiencing another setback. In an update video, Starfield director Todd Howard promised an in-depth session called “Starfield Direct” on June 11 to detail the features of the highly anticipated title. A Starfield presentation was originally planned for January’s Xbox Developer Direct, but Microsoft decided against it, as the publisher didn’t want Starfield to overshadow the other games. One of the highlights of this show was Hi-Fi Rush, a new cartoonish rhythm-based game from Tango Gameworks.


“We’ve invested in this game, and even I’m surprised how much we can pour – it matters,” Howard said in Starfield’s update video. “There are so many things we still have to show you. The game has many of the features you’d expect from us, but it’s also a very unique experience. The game marks Bethesda’s first newly crafted universe in 25 years, placing you among the stars as you create a custom character and embark on an epic, futuristic journey, exploring planets and engaging with their inhabitants. In the year 2330, players will start out as space miners, eventually joining the Constellation – a group of space explorers who search for rare artifacts across the galaxy. Howard describes it as “Skyrim in the space.”

An interview from last year revealed that Bethesda relies heavily on character customization with Starfield. The dialogue system, for example, relies on a persuasion system, requiring players to spend points on specific traits to gain an advantage in conversations with NPCs. Dialog selection is similar to Fallout 3, where you cycle through options, but now has a point system attached to it. So whenever you try to persuade a character to help you achieve goals, you’re locked into a speech challenge where you spend points. At the time, Howard also noted that character traits can be changed by completing specific quests, rather than having to recreate and start all over again. Each trait also has a negative effect.

A gameplay showcase from last year revealed that Starfield can be played in first and third person. Players can scan and collect resources, hunt down space pirates, and lock crates to acquire items. Going back to character creation, you can choose skin tones, adjust musculature, select a walking style, and choose backgrounds that come with three starting skills. An in-depth crafting system is also included, allowing you to conduct resource research projects to craft weapon mods to aid in your difficult interstellar journey. For a break from all the fighting and looting, players can build outposts that serve as a home away from home, where you can hire in-game characters to keep it running smoothly.

Starfield will now arrive on September 6 on PC, Xbox Series S/X, and Xbox Game Pass. The Starfield Direct presentation will take place on June 11, airing right after the Xbox games showcase.

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