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Somizi on Vusi Nova’s sexuality


Somizi on Vusi Nova’s sexuality

Somizi on Vusi Nova’s sexuality

Somizi has been the talk of the town after he posted a picture of himself and his bestie, Vusi Nova.

This is coming after a tweep accused Vusi of hiding his sexuality.

However, Somizi criticize the fact that people are always obsessed with other peoples’ sexuality.

According to the tweep, he claimed that Vusi is just being “stubborn” and all he needs is to “come out”

Somizi cleared the follower stating asking why people are always obsessed with other people’s sexuality, and said Vusi was content with himself.

“Angilwi ngiyabuza, what’s the obsession with other people’s sexuality? It’s as if the answers will improve a certain aspect of your life, or as if it makes one feel better about themselves if they out someone else. Trust me, he is content and I hope you are too and enjoy your life.”

It actually did not end there as another follower suggested that its really encouraging to see people come out as others will do same.

Reacting to this, he stated that people should be comfortable in their own skin.

“Nah, fam. Kanti how many people should come out for people to be comfortable with themselves? And why should it take that for them to reach that point?”

‘Do you think if more black people owned land racism will end? Nope. I just think people must deal with their homophobia.”


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