Somizi made it clear: “I didn’t steal anybody’s concept”



Somizi made it clear: “I didn’t steal anybody’s concept”





Somizi Mhlongo has decided to voice out on the ‘”theft” allegation that he has dragged into.

The star has been all over social media as Hastings Moeng claimed Somizi stole the content he uses on his show, “Dinner At Somizi’s”.

According to Hastings, he stated that the concept used on Somizi’s show was stolen and that he had contacted the star earlier.

The star started a live video yesterday and asked Pearl Thusi, his fans and others to ask him anything and he promised he would be truthful in his answers.

In the live video, he revealed a lot as he stated that truly Hastings approached him on the show verbally and that the email he claimed he sent was never opened.

Somizi said when he was reached out to him in 2013 and gave him a rough explanation about the show, but he could not accept the offer as he was also pursuing another career as an Idols SA judge.

“He could have copyrighten the idea right and sold it to anyone,” he said.

Furthermore, Somizi said the email he sent the letter to was actually his former email and most times, he does not open his mail himself as it is always done by either his PA, road manager, manager and his agency open them.

He had no idea he would start a show like that in future.

Explaining how the idea of the show erupted from his side, he said that he originally wanted to start a YouTube channel but was contacted by Legend who said he should rather do a Television show.

He said: “So I started falling in love with cooking. Then I started my own YouTube Channel. Then Legend called and says no don’t do a cooking show, we’re gonna do a TV show right. Legend came with an idea, I did not like it…I want something that speaks to me, that is me.”

Somizi reiterated, “I did not steal anybody’s concept and I will never again claim I came up with an original concept. I was inspired by a whole lot of shows.”

Pearl Thusi defended the star as she revealed the email was sent to Legend the producer of the show, and that he should be the one accused of such.

She went further to ask Somizi if he had any personal relationship with Hastings.

Somizi responded: “I know him…we’re not that close but I know him.”

He concluded that Hastings should have contacted him privately instead of bring it to the world.

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