Six (6) Amazing Mobile Games Made in Africa

Six Amazing Mobile Games Made in Africa 

Mobile Games Made in Africa – With the advent of mobile technology, the world of gaming has completely changed over the years. In Africa, the tech-savvy generation is inclining more and more towards mobile gaming. It is a great entertainment source for the people on the continent, and one does not have to put much effort or requires physical skills to participate. Gaming has evolved significantly in Africa with the arrival of modern technologies. Gone are the days when people needed big gadgets and expensive equipment to play games. By just using a smartphone majority of the games can be played online.

As people these days mostly have mobiles, it is easy for them to access games and play on them. The potential of smartphones to allow a large variety of games without going anywhere outside is increasing its demand in the market. With technological advancements in gaming, a person can connect with millions of players all across the globe via mobile phones. The fact that huge gaming facilities are accessible with the device that fit in the pocket is a boon from the technological innovations. Gaming developers and entrepreneurs are consistently working on bringing reforms in the gaming industry through modern technologies – for example, online casinos are now expected to offer multiple live dealer tables

Six Popular Made in Africa Mobile Games to Play

There are several African-themed indigenous games available in the continent that entices people in the gaming sector. The people’s taste for gaming has changed a lot over the last decade, and the thirst for greater quality gaming has increased. Here are some popular games in Africa that are becoming a true competitor in the future of the mobile gaming world.

  1. Fleet of One:

It is a game available for both iOS and Android users and includes a spaceship armed with cannons which removes the fleet of coming retro aliens. For firing the cannons, you need to tap on the cannon you wish to fire. As the game progresses, the alien becomes faster and more dangerous. Once you get involved, you might spend several hours playing it.

  1. Matatu:

It is a two-player card game especially available for Android users and has its origin in Uganda. The game Matatu is extremely easy to understand as well as addictive. Each player begins the game with seven cards, and the ultimate aim is to finish all your cards as soon as possible. It is a great game for card-game lovers and an easy game to pick up.

  1. Zword:

It is a zombie apocalypse game for Android users where one person is trapped in an alley and followed by a group of zombies. The person has a lot of knives which can be thrown once the word on the screen gets completed. It is a great educational game and entertaining as well.

  1. Snailboy:

The gameplay of snailboy is highly entertaining and has top-notch quality visuals. You are supposed to be a snail in the game, and your objective is to find your shell that is stolen by some evil creatures. In the path, you will face various obstacles, and you can dodge them by jumping on the surfaces. It is an extremely addictive and very immersive game.

  1. Pocket RPG:

It is an entertaining mobile game and plays like a typical RPG. You get three different classes to select, and there is also a stats progression as well as allows several items to equip. Here you can see the number of efforts put into the game environment to make it decent.

  1. Okada ride:

Maliyo games Hugo obi created this game to have a Nigerian interactive experience. It is a ride and dodge racer game where motorcycles found in entire West Africa are utilized to transport people. The sound design is extremely good and is quite natural, like taken from the streets of Nigeria.

The African gaming world has transformed a lot in recent years, and the advancements in technology are going to boost the mobile gaming world in the near future.


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