Singer, Paul Okoye And Anita Finalize Divorce

Singer, Paul Okoye And Anita Finalize Divorce

An Abuja High Court in the Federal Capital Territory, Maitama, has granted divorce to Nigerian singer Paul Okoye and his estranged wife Anita.

Anita and Paul Okoye had been married for eight years when Anita filed for divorce from Paul, citing several issues.

Anita Okoye stated that her decision to divorce her husband was motivated by five major factors: infidelity, a phoney separation, being an absent parent, fraud, and other difficult situations.

As a result, she demanded a $20,000 monthly settlement as well as many of her husband’s lavish homes.

Anita previously stated in her divorce petition, filed by her attorneys Ojonimi Akpe and Okutepa J.S, that she paid N10 million as part of a deal with her husband to be given space in the mall he had recently completed in Lekki Phase, Lagos.

Anita went on to accuse Okoye of defrauding her of a deal to jointly own a mall.

The petition which reads in part stated;

That I know as a fact that the Petitioner founded a company called TannkCo in 2019. That the Petitioner and the Respondent agreed to build a mall where TannkCo would have its main offices, and the Petitioner contributed N10,000,000.00 (Ten Million Naira) for the purchase of the land and the building of the mall. That I know as a fact that the Respondent, upon completion of the mall, reneged on the agreement and failed to give TannkCo a space in the mall.

Anita allegedly failed to substantiate every claim in her court petition, so she chose to drop them and settle instead.

On October 20, 2022, the court issued its decision, awarding the parties joint custody of the children. The petitioner, on the other hand, received no financial compensation in the form of alimony or a settlement.

The duo met in 2004 during their undergraduate days at the University of Abuja. On March 22, 2014, they married in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

They have three children: Andre, born in 2013, and Nathan and Nadia, born in 2017.

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