Sina Rambo’s mother-in-law clarifies post on alleged threat from Davido

Sina Rambo’s mother-in-law clarifies post on alleged threat from Davido

Queen Korth, mother of Sina Rambo’s estranged wife, has clarified a recent post wherein she dragged Singer Davido and his woman, Chioma Rowland, into her daughter’s ongoing marital drama with the Adelekes.

The brouhaha started after Korth shaded Chioma when someone berated her online to learn how to keep silent like Davido’s wife following loggerhead with her husband.

Korth clapped back at the troll while insinuating that things aren’t all rosy between Davido and Chioma adding the latter was enduring things.

Few hours ago, Korth’s mum shared a post and screenshot of Davido’s comment on the issue. According to screenshots obtained, the Singer expressed displeasure over the call out and questioned why Chioma would be discussed online at a time she is mourning her son.

Davido further threatened to deal with Korth for mentioning Chioma’s name during the most vulnerable time of her life.

Korth’s mum’s post, however, triggered backlash from fans for leaking her chat with the Afrobeats Superstar.

Reacting, in a follow-up social media post, Queen Korth clarified her previous post, by asserting that Davido didn’t chat with her directly and she has no issues with Chioma and Singer.

Her statement reads in part;

For those of you saying i posted an old chat l’d like to make it clear to all that Davido did not send me that screenshot or ever chatted with me. l and my daughter do not have any problems with Davido or his wife.”

She went on to state that Sina Rambo sent his chat with Davido to her elder brother who forwarded the screenshots of their conversation to her.

The aggrieved mum added that all attempts to reach Sina via phone call was declined by the Singer’s cousin.

After several calls to Sina Rambo as to why he would send his chat with his cousin threatening my daughter to my family member . My calls were declined by Sina Rambo.” she concluded.


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