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‘Shortbread’: Kevin Durant Mocks Warriors’ Klay Thompson as Steph Curry Jumps in to Explain the Inside Joke


‘Shortbread’: Kevin Durant Mocks Warriors’ Klay Thompson as Steph Curry Jumps in to Explain the Inside Joke

Kevin Durant is the undisputed king of social media and by all means not many can mess around with him. The Brooklyn Nets star, when not playing or practicing, is most probably putting his thumb to work and mocking somebody out there. His latest victim is none other than the Warriors’ very own Klay Thompson.

In the last few months, KD has taken down the likes of Shannon Sharpe, Kendrick Perkins, Michael Rapaport, and Jay Williams on Twitter. He is just unstoppable and does not shy away from initiating a juicy thread. So what did he do to Klay now?

Nets’ Kevin Durant harmed Warriors’ Klay Thompson with the latter’s own gun

KD and Klay spent three years playing alongside as teammates and built a repertoire of friendly banters. They were so tremendously successful on the court because the duo was equally locked in off it. So naturally, KD knows a thing or two about getting under the skin of Klay.

So recently, just as Klay Thompson posted a long Instagram message to showcase how much he enjoyed his recent practise, KD jumped in. This time on Instagram, the Sniper called Klay “Shortbread” and left everything else to imagination. However, as Steph Curry would himself clarify, that one-word term is something Klay himself coined for the players who hit the rim while attempting long-range shots. 

Durant’s comment attracted close to 5000 likes in just three hours of making that remark. But Klay did not respond to that, at least not until then.

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Easy Money Sniper vs China Klay

One must remember an unfortunate thing that both Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson share. In 2019, the Warriors were almost about to complete their first three-peat when both the stars injured themselves in the NBA finals. KD hurt his Achilles in Game 5 while Klay followed him with a similar injury in Game 6. Later, Durant made arguably the greatest comeback the league had ever witnessed as Klay is still on his way to recovery.

But comparing the duo head-to-head, one would find how close they are as competitors. KD leads the regular season 9-7 while Klay leads the postseason 4-3. One can agree that the former is a midrange king and latter a perimeter prince.

So what do you say, who is better amongst the two and why? Help us know in the comments.

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