See why AKA won’t be taking Reebok to court


See why AKA won’t be taking Reebok to court

See why AKA won’t be taking Reebok to court

AKA took to his Twitter to reveal he would not be taking Reebok to court even with what they did to him.

The star made it known that he had a deal with Reebok and everything went south when it was time for them to pay him.

AKA earlier this year said his deal with Reebok went downhill after they used his sneaker deal to their benefit and never granted him a share.

He said: “Can you believe they didn’t pay me a single cent for this? … not one cent.”

He also added that fans may forget about having the sneAKA collection again which sold out in just a few days it hit the stores.

“Probably never again. They refused to give me any sort of payment or royalty.”

AKA has been with the brand for years as their ambassador and he is disappointed they could treat him like that.

“When they write these articles they use the picture of MY sneaker. MY design. Not none of that bullshit running, CrossFit shit they pushing,” he wrote.

He assured he is not ready to take them to court but let people know that their brand is “wack”

“I’m not going to court for shit. I just everyone to know that their brand is wack and nobody fucks with it anymore. Thanks.”

See tweet below:

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