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Scholarships for Postgraduate Students in Nigeria


Scholarships for Postgraduate Students in Nigeria

Scholarships for Postgraduate Students in Nigeria

If you’re looking to get a postgraduate degree in Nigeria you may have discovered that it’s expensive due to the economic climate in Nigeria. This affects all postgraduate degrees including PhD’s, Masters, MSC’s, MA’s, MBA’s, or MPhil Diplomas. To reduce the financial impact that a postgraduate student will face, you need to seek a scholarship. The majority of scholarships available in Nigeria for postgraduate studies are fully funded. Therefore, it’s worth spending some time going through the different opportunities that are available to you. Remember, before you can apply for a postgraduate scholarship you need to have completed an undergraduate degree course.

Required Documentation

Nigerian students who wish to apply for a postgraduate scholarship need to provide the below documentation during the application process.

  • A copy Of your ID or passport;
  • The completed scholarship application form;
  • A letter of recommendation;
  • Your letter of motivation or statement of purpose (visit cheap essay services at for writing assistance);
  • Your CV or resume;
  • Your test scores.

Other documentation

Once you have submitted the above documentation, you may also need to submit the below documentation:

  • Research/ Ph.D. Your research proposal. Certificate of your master’s degree/graduation
  • Postgraduate. Certification of your bachelor’s degree/graduation

Please bear in mind that the documentation required may differ for each different scholarship.

Scholarships for Postgraduates

Below is a list as well as full details of all postgraduate scholarships available in Nigeria.

  • SEOF Scholarship For Secondary, Undergraduate, and Postgraduate Nigerian Students
  • Heinrich Boll Foundation Scholarships, Undergraduate, Masters & PhD
  • NITDA Scholarship Scheme for Nigerians ( –
  • Fully-Funded Graduate Scholarships For Economically Developing Nations
  • ONGOING: BEA Awards for Nigerians to Study Abroad –
  • Dr. Murtala Muhammed Scholarship
  • Canadian Scholarships for Nigerian Students
  • Agip Postgraduate Scholarship
  • Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETFund) scholarship
  • Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETFund) scholarship

Why embark on postgraduate study

If you decide to start a postgraduate course, then you are giving yourself the opportunity to study the subject of your choice in more detail which will only positively affect your career. However, even with all of this in mind, it’s worth asking yourself the following questions:

  • Are you interested in specializing and developing your skills in the subject you have in mind?
  • Will a master’s degree actually improve your career prospects and help you when it comes to the competitive employment market?
  • Is a postgraduate qualification recognized and valued in your career?
  • How can you develop your research skills so that you can complete a PhD?

Below are more reasons why it’s worth studying at postgraduate level:

Career prospects

Although a postgraduate degree does not mean that your salary will be higher, to begin with, it does however mean that you may be given a higher amount of responsibility and this will then mean that your road to promotion is shorter.

With such competition when it comes to the job market, it can be difficult to stand out from the rest. However, a postgraduate degree will enable you to be a specialist in your subject area. This is obviously a great benefit when applying for a job.

Students who have completed a postgraduate course are also more likely to get a job compared to an undergraduate.

Completing a postgraduate degree will also mean you will be able to have access to more opportunities when it comes to liaising with tutors and companies relevant to your course. This means new doors will open to you when it comes to your career.

Additional skills

The postgraduate study provides you with a better understanding of your subject area. It also gives you access to many other skills which are highly regarded in any work environment i.e.

  • data handling
  • commitment and enthusiasm towards work
  • project management
  • better research skills
  • teamwork
  • self motivate
  • lateral and critical thinking
  • determination
  • independence

For many employees, these skills are extremely important and in fact are the skills that will help you to get a job over somebody else.

Personal fulfillment

Many people will say that they decided to start a postgraduate course to improve their income or to help with career progression. However, there are many people that actually start a postgraduate course for personal reasons as well as to benefit their community.

Moving Your career further forward

Quite often, if you are looking for progression in your current role, you need to take a course in order to expand your expertise. Alternatively, if you decide to begin a postgraduate degree whilst working, you will give yourself the opportunity to improve your knowledge and gain extra skills. This will also show your employer how serious you are about progressing in your career. It may even be possible for some of you to take some time out of work to complete a postgraduate degree. If this is not possible, the good news is that flexibility in the workplace is becoming an easier prospect. Therefore, you do not need to necessarily give up your current job in order to complete a postgraduate degree.

Career change

If you feel that you have come to the end of the road in your career and the career that you are currently in does not fulfill you, then you could consider moving into a new career. A postgraduate degree is a perfect way to learn new skills in a new area. The good news is that a lot of postgraduate degrees don’t require you to have studied the subject previously, so you can literally look towards a career change.

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