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#SARSMustEnd: Gideon Okeke Issues Stern Warning To “Yahoo Boys”


#SARSMustEnd: Gideon Okeke Issues Stern Warning To “Yahoo Boys”

Actor Gideon Okeke reveals how a 'powerful woman' in the industry threatened his acting career 7 years ago

Gideon Okeke, a Nollwood actor and producer has issued a stern warning to Cybercrime perpetrators, commonly known as “Yahoo boys/girls”, saying the ongoing protest is in no way for them, but fight against injustice.

According to him, they are in this situation because of their choices saying that country is hard for all of them but they chose the wrong path to make it and that is what generated police brutality.

He posted on his Instagram saying they were all practically brought up with the same morals hence what happened that they decided to turn to the fast lane when things got hard.

He therefore warned them not to join the protest rather they should go home and pray for forgiveness and think of how to turn a new leave as they will certainly fight against cybercrime after the SARS protest.

He wrote;

Dear Yahoo Boys, before we ALL become SNITCHES…..please be reminded, that all of this going on, is an offshoot of the choices You made.

Country hard all of us equally, but YOU decided to check out into the FAST LANE. We went to the same schools and were raised on pretty much the same values. What ever the EFF Happened along the way? Why did you decide to go with Dishonest Means? To this end, whom do you think EFCC was created for?

Everybody shouting AM I A YAHOO BOY? Who come be Yahoo? Hush-Puppy na the dog wey dem catch with SHIT stain for him mouth. But at the venues of these protests, SHIT DEY SMELL. Hush is not there but his cousins Are!

The biggest irony is the Yahoo Boy at the protest yelling #ENDSARS and fight corruption. This March is not for you o. Go home, and purge ur heart. Call ur MAGA for forgiveness, tell Yourself the TRUTH, that your choices put Nigeria where it is today. The leaders didn’t try YES, but you have worsened it. Lets FIGHT FOR A NEW NIGERIA….with CLEAN HANDS.

Corruption is NOT a peculiar Nigerian Melanin.

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#SARSMustEnd: Gideon Okeke Issues Stern Warning To “Yahoo Boys”

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