Samsung’s Neo QLED ultrawides bring content to life like never before – Samsung Global Newsroom

Samsung’s Neo QLED ultrawides bring content to life like never before – Samsung Global Newsroom

Samsung's Neo QLED ultrawides bring content to life like never before - Samsung Global Newsroom

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Gone are the days of sitting in front of the TV to watch every detail and every moment of the action. Now, bigger TV screens aren’t just popular for avid moviegoers, but they’re a popular choice and more accessible than ever for more consumers.


As the size of the average home screen has evolved, so has the technology within it. This gives users more detail, color and movement to make content look even more brilliant in this larger format.

Ushering in the era of high-end display with Neo QLED 4K

At the forefront of premium screens are the Samsung Neo QLED with cutting-edge Mini LED and Quantum dot technology that delivers superb contrast and vivid, accurate color reproduction. The exceptional image quality of the Neo QLEDs is even more evident when taken on a larger screen.

The QN100B 98″ Samsung’s Neo QLED 4K offers consumers the ultimate in ultra-fine light control with Quantum Matrix technology powered by a massive grid of Quantum Mini LEDs. This allows viewers to see every detail on screen, even in the darkest scenes, with deeper color and contrast. The subtle nuances of light and color are analyzed and shifted scene by scene so that every image is of the highest quality.

Beyond its unparalleled performance as a TV for consumers’ favorite movies, shows and games, this display has also been praised by many industry experts and users. IMAX recently praised the massive 98-inch 4K Neo QLED for its performance in its critical reference environment producing a very sharp, crisp image.

“After calibrating and reviewing this new TV model, I can tell you that we were delighted to see how well the picture quality matched our reference mastering monitor that we use in post-production finishing work. production,” said Bruce Markoe, senior vice president and head of post-production at IMAX Corporation. “We see the value of using very large, high quality screens in mastering content for IMAX Enhanced masters. Having a large screen with appropriate image quality creates the best way to apply and use our DMR technology during the mastering process.

Samsung's Neo QLED ultrawides bring content to life like never before - Samsung Global Newsroom

▲ Bruce Markoe, SVP and Head of Post-Production at IMAX Corporation

A reference monitor is a specialized display device used for color grading during post-production. Reference monitors must produce a highly accurate image so teams can create the most accurate, high-quality output possible.

In order to provide an exceptional cinematic experience, IMAX films are produced with cameras up to 16K resolution, which means that the mastering monitor used must be extremely precise in order to accurately display the creators’ intent.

Samsung's Neo QLED ultrawides bring content to life like never before - Samsung Global Newsroom

Enhance the premium viewing experience with Neo QLED 8K

Beyond the already very capable Neo QLED 4K, consumers find the Samsung Neo QLED 8K. These displays deliver the dazzling picture quality users have come to expect from Samsung in an even brighter 8K resolution. Powered by the Neo Quantum 8K processor, state-of-the-art neural networks ensure that all content is displayed with the utmost precision and pristine image quality.

As streaming platforms begin to deliver content optimized for a larger 1.9:1 screen ratio, perfect for an immersive cinematic experience, having an 8K TV with superior picture quality is one way surefire way to future-proof a home entertainment setup.

Premium TV sales are up with Neo QLED 4K and 8K

In fact, more content, better features and more things to do on your TV means the trend to buy bigger and bigger TV screens isn’t just likely to continue to grow. According to Omdia, the market for TVs over 80 inches is expected to grow from 2.8 million units in 2022 to 3.5 million units in 2023 more than 24%.

Samsung’s line of high-end TVs also helped cement its leadership in the TV industry for 17 years. In 2022, Samsung sold a staggering 9.65 million units of QLED and Neo QLED TVs, bringing cumulative sales to 35 million units since its QLED product launched in 2017.

Samsung also led the ultra-wide TV segment in 2022, with 36.1% and 42.9% market share for TVs over 75 inches and 80 inches, respectively.

“Neo QLED offers one of the most premium viewing experiences for large screens over 75 inches, and we believe they are the future of home entertainment,” said Seokwoo Yong, Vice President executive and deputy director of the visual display business at Samsung Electronics. “As more and more content and features become available to consumers, Neo QLED 4K and 8K TVs will help consumers make the most of this new content while delivering breathtaking visuals filled with lifelike detail. .”


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