Samsung’s Focus for CES 2023 – Samsung Global Newsroom

Samsung’s Focus for CES 2023 – Samsung Global Newsroom

Samsung's Focus for CES 2023 - Samsung Global Newsroom

We live in a very complex and rapidly changing world.

We must now navigate uncharted waters where everything changes from technology to consumer markets and we face additional challenges related to the pandemic and uncertainties in the global economy.

As such, the “environment” and “experience” of how we live have become more important, and our concern for creating a sustainable future has deepened.

As a global leader in consumer electronics and information and communication technology (ICT), I believe that Samsung Electronics has a responsibility to establish an environmentally friendly value chain through our technologies. and innovative products, as well as providing more valuable and fulfilling experiences for everyone. and every consumer.

That’s why Samsung has made every effort to recognize sustainable innovation as the core value and key element of our business.

At CES 2023 in January, Samsung will showcase its plan to “Bring Calm to Our Connected World” highlighting our responsibilities and vision for achieving this goal and sharing our journey together to create a sustainable and prosperous future.

SmartThings: Providing evolved hyper-connected experiences that are invisible but present in our lives

At CES 2023, Samsung will showcase a new, expanded SmartThings experience that integrates your home ecosystem even more seamlessly with a system supported by enhanced security.

We’ll also explore easier and more secure ways to connect devices and devices, and how to make personalized experiences for each user even more accurate with AI.

We work closely with various industry partners to embody the SmartThings experience, creating a new path to deliver optimal and personalized connected experiences to users based on their preferences and lifestyle.

A sustainable future in the hyper-connected age

In order to provide better experiences in daily life, Samsung has paid attention to how technology can solve difficulties and problems encountered in daily life. Additionally, we continued to identify ways to help create a more sustainable future by developing products that are durable and equipped with innovative technologies.

Since announcing our new environmental strategy in September, we have highlighted how we plan to help overcome the climate crisis through our innovative technologies, including ultra-low-power semiconductors and energy-saving products. We also announced our goal of achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Saving energy through SmartThings and developing innovative eco-friendly products show how we uphold our sustainable and forward-thinking values.

Additionally, we actively promote our environmental and societal efforts by participating in sustainable business management partnerships with other stakeholders, such as international organizations, industries and citizens.

We have joined the steering committee of the Asia Clean Energy Coalition (ACEC) with leading global companies and NGOs to expand renewable energy supply to its key production bases in Asia.

Additionally, we joined the Semiconductor Climate Consortium (SCC) as a founding member during the COP27 United Nations Climate Change Conference held in November. Through this organization, we aim to define and implement plans to reduce the semiconductor industry’s overall greenhouse gas emissions, create environmentally friendly ecosystems by setting a target to reduce carbon emissions, to develop greenhouse gas reduction technologies and to support green technology start-ups.

We will continue to lead the way into the hyper-connected era, enabling consumers to help create a sustainable future simply by using Samsung products.

One step closer for humanity: Samsung’s sustainable journey

When developing new technologies for users, we have always asked ourselves the question: “What should we do?” rather than “What can we do?” Indeed, technology can change the way people connect with and experience the world, make everyday life more rewarding, and can act as a driver towards a better future.

At CES 2023, we will show our industry-leading efforts that go beyond just making great products with cutting-edge technologies and aim to unleash new experiences through technology, making our daily lives and the world even better.


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