Samsung showcases connected home appliances designed for sustainable living at KBIS 2023 – Samsung Global Newsroom

Samsung showcases connected home appliances designed for sustainable living at KBIS 2023 – Samsung Global Newsroom

Samsung showcases connected home appliances designed for sustainable living at KBIS 2023 – Samsung Global Newsroom

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Samsung sets the standard with durable, connected and customizable lifestyle products that meet the needs of today’s buyers, builders and designers

Samsung Electronics showcased innovations that raise the bar for sustainable, smart, and personalized living today at the 2023 Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Bespoke appliances have rapidly grown in popularity since their introduction to the US market in 2021, with bespoke refrigerators as the centerpiece. The ever-expanding range now includes complete kitchen sets, laundry and floor care products.

This year, Samsung offers tailor-made customization in the built-in kitchen category and also introduces new models of refrigerators. With these new additions, Samsung aims to continue to help make energy saving an integral part of everyday life, improve SmartThings connected services in multiple ways, and enable more personalized experiences in 2023.

“Sustainability, connectivity and customization are top of mind for today’s homeowners and homebuyers,” said Ik Soo Choi, Senior Vice President and Head of Sales and Marketing Team of the digital home appliance business at Samsung Electronics. “We are thrilled to be back at KBIS to show how our products inspire people to create sustainable living spaces that truly reflect their personal style, with connectivity that enables new ways of living.”

Unlock Everyday Durability

Samsung showcases connected home appliances designed for sustainable living at KBIS 2023 – Samsung Global Newsroom

By integrating energy efficiency and connected technology into more devices and in more ways, Samsung is helping to make sustainability an integral part of everyday life.

At KBIS, Samsung will showcase its efforts to improve sustainability throughout the product lifecycle – from production to distribution, use and disposal – and highlight the additional energy savings that come with its SmartThings Energy1 a service. The service provides easy-to-understand information about your smart home’s energy consumption, as well as tips to help you save more energy. Its intuitive AI energy mode2 automatically optimizes settings to reduce the amount of power consumed by connected Samsung devices,3 making it easy to maximize energy savings and help lower your home’s energy costs. This includes up to 15% savings for compatible refrigerators,4 up to 20% for compatible air conditioners5 and up to 35% for compatible washers6 on some cycles.7

For its efforts with SmartThings Energy, Samsung received the first mass-market SHEMS (Smart Home Energy Management Systems) certification from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The EPA also awarded Samsung 260 ENERGY STAR® certifications, including 43 “Most Efficient” recognitions.8

KBIS attendees can also learn more about the new Less Microfiber cycle and filter, the first of which reduces microplastic emissions during laundry by up to 54%.9 Now available in Europe, the cycle will roll out to compatible washers in Korea from February this year and soon in the US.

Deliver more personalized experiences with advanced connectivity

In 2023, bespoke devices will deliver more personalized experiences with connectivity to help make everyday life more convenient and productive. At KBIS, Samsung will highlight how its SmartThings services are transforming the way people interact with devices by creating more intuitive and seamless experiences that bring calm to our connected world.

The six SmartThings services exposed SmartThings Energy, cooking, pet care, clothing care, air care and home care add new levels of convenience and efficiency to everyday life. Together, these services simplify smart home management by meeting the diverse needs of consumers. This is especially true in the kitchen, where SmartThings Cooking offers a more personalized approach to meal preparation that takes into account users’ health goals and what they have in their refrigerator. It works seamlessly with the new Bespoke AI™ oven to sync recipe recommendations with cooking settings, while Samsung Health integration helps users track their diet for a healthier life. The oven also includes cameras that allow it to optimize cooking settings using food recognition technology and allow users to create time-lapse videos of food cooking to share on social media.

Also new to the kitchen, the Bespoke 4-Door Flex™ Family Hub™+ fridge features a 32-inch frameless Full HD display, perfect for multitasking. The larger screen makes it easier to use SmartThings services and streamlines everything from entertainment to home management by allowing users to view multiple apps at once. This means that users can take advantage of the picture-in-picture feature of Samsung TV Plus to tune in over 190 free channels.ten while adding items to their shopping list, following a recipe video, managing the family calendar and more at the same time. The screen is also perfect for displaying family photos or artwork from around the world using services like Google Photos and Atelier, respectively. The new SmartThings dashboard also takes advantage of the larger screen to make household smart home controls easily accessible.

Bringing bespoke to life

Samsung showcases connected home appliances designed for sustainable living at KBIS 2023 – Samsung Global Newsroom

Samsung encourages consumers to explore the next level of personalization with new tailored products and immersive experiences. These include both MyBespoke11 as well as a new interactive showroom experience known as Bespoke Home Virtual.

MyBespoke offers endless customization possibilities, allowing you to personalize your Bespoke fridge with original designs, artwork or your favorite photos for the first time. You can design your one-of-a-kind MyBespoke fridge panels for one or two French doors and Samsung will deliver them straight to your doorstep.

Create your own design when you buy a Bespoke fridge from and simply replace your existing Bespoke French Door fridge panels with your custom MyBespoke designs. To complement your custom upper door designs, you can choose to outfit your refrigerator’s lower doors in a variety of bold, bright or neutral custom colors in glass or metallic finishes.12

KBIS attendees can also immerse themselves in Bespoke Home Virtual, a virtual simulation that takes them on a journey through a realistic Bespoke showroom. As part of the experience, participants can customize the colors, materials and finishes of bespoke appliances, including kitchen sets and laundry products. They can also interact with these digital devices to experience their usability and view their interiors.

All of these innovations and more will be on display at Samsung’s KBIS exhibit, located in Booth W4301 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. For more information, visit

1 Available on Android and iOS devices. A Wi-Fi connection and a Samsung account are required.
2 Availability of AI energy mode is location dependent. Product launch schedule may vary.
3 Product timing may vary. AI Power Mode will be rolled out for refrigerator models as an update to the Optical Transport Network (OTN) in May 2023.
4 Available on specific models from May 2023 via Wi-Fi update. Test results based on comparison of factory setting temperatures of US models with and without AI power mode. Results may vary depending on conditions and usage patterns.
5 Based on internal testing of US models. Results may vary based on actual user environment and usage patterns.
6 Based on internal testing on model WF8900B with 8 lb IEC, except for small load cycle (4 lb IEC). Results may vary based on actual usage conditions.
7 Can be applied to Heavy Duty, Small Load, Towels and Power Rinse cycles only when the selected wash temperature is ‘hot’.
8 Since November 2022.
9 Tested with a 2kg load of 100% polyester hoodies, comparing the Synthetics cycle on the conventional Samsung model WW4000T and the Less Microfiber cycle on WW7000B. Results may vary depending on clothing and environment. Tested by Ocean Wise Plastics lab.
ten Samsung TV Plus is available in the US and South Korea. The number of channels may vary by location.

11 The service is limited to the US market.
12 For more information on Samsung MyBespoke terms and conditions, visit:


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