Samsung Electronics and the New York Mets have pulled off a home run by unveiling the latest and brightest outdoor LED technology at Citi Field

Samsung Electronics and the New York Mets have pulled off a home run by unveiling the latest and brightest outdoor LED technology at Citi Field

Samsung Electronics and the New York Mets have pulled off a home run by unveiling the latest and brightest outdoor LED technology at Citi Field

Featured at the Mets’ What’s New at Citi Field event, the new double-sided center field scoreboard features groundbreaking technology that aims to reinvent the in-stadium experience for baseball fans.

Samsung Electronics America and the New York food recently made sports history with the introduction of the largest scoreboard of any professional baseball stadium. As fans prepare for the start of a new baseball season, they’ll get a glimpse of center field’s upgraded and fully upgraded video board, which features a 17,400 square foot LED screen up front and 6,900 square feet at the rear. . Since fall 2022, Samsung has installed more than 29,800 square feet of new LEDs in Citi field.

First unveiled at the Mets’ What’s New atCiti fieldevent on March 23, attendees got a sneak peek at what fans can expect for the upcoming season. The scoreboard is the culmination of multiple digital signage upgrades throughout the stadium, providing fans with a state-of-the-art display experience. While fans are enjoying the new experience introduced throughout the stadium, the new scoreboard ensures they won’t miss a moment of the action unfolding on the pitch.

“As an emerging New York landmark, Citi Field continues to stand out with the integration of cutting-edge display technology that enhances the in-stadium experience for fans,” said James Fishler, Senior Vice President, Display and Home Entertainment Division, Samsung. Electronics America. “Samsung is a proud partner of the Mets and with the installation of the first-of-its-kind dual-sided LED screen, we are excited to help the franchise achieve the next level of technological innovation in professional sports.”

New Centerfield Scoreboard Brings Citi Field to Life

Fromforming its partnership in 2021, Samsung worked with the Mets to transform Citi Field intomost technologically advanced professional ballpark. The multi-year digital transformation included rolling out more than 1,300 LFD displays and several new outdoor LED displays last year, totaling over 15 million pixels. The second phase of installments, which will be fully operational on opening day April 6, will feature several new outfield screens, including the new center field scoreboard, increasing the total number of pixels inCiti fieldat 40 million. In addition to the center field scoreboard, Mets fans will seedisplay improvementsin every corner of the stadium, including outdoor signage, digital concession menu boards and more.

“Samsung’s innovative technology at Citi Field will extend the standard of what fans expect when they enter the nation’s top stadiums. Over a two-year period, we have transformed a once static display environment into a an all-digital experience,” said David Phelps, vice president, product management, display division, Samsung Electronics America. “Working with the Mets, we’ve been able to push the boundaries of what’s possible by offering more creative and unique experiences to its fanbase.”

NewLED technologyalso enables opportunities for DOOH (Digital Out-of-Home) advertising by transforming once static displays into a blank canvas for creativity. The dashboard offers nearly limitless configurations for advertisers to stand out from the competition and deliver entirely new visual experiences to fans. With the ability to accept multiple forms of content, digital signage helps boost the local economy by providing business owners with an affordable solution to advertise onCiti field. The rear of the double-sided dashboard reaches such tall heights that it is visible from the highway, providing another opportunity to increase sponsorship and advertising revenue, as well as inform and excite fans waiting to enter the stadium to join the action.

Samsung Electronics and the New York Mets have pulled off a home run by unveiling the latest and brightest outdoor LED technology at Citi Field

Immersive entertainment for all fans

Citi Field’sThe main video LED panel is substantially the largest scoreboard in any professional baseball stadium and more than three times larger thanCiti Field’s previous center field scoreboard. The expansive 17,400 square foot high definition video screen ensures that no matter where fans are in the stadium, they won’t miss the action on or off the pitch. Including the new and improved rear display, the center field scoreboard features over 24,000 square feet of LED signage and over 13 million pixels, as well as a high resolution 10mm pixel pitch display to improve the fans’ experience in the stadium. Teams in the dugouts and fans in the stands can watch 4K instant replays, close-up game action, game stats, interactive updates and more.

“Samsung’s industry-leading technology upgrades at Citi Field underscore our goal of delivering best-in-class experiences for our fans,” said Mark Brubaker, Chief Technology Officer, New York Mets. “The quality of these improvements will not only provide our fans with more immersive and memorable visits to the ballpark, but will also position Citi Field as a pioneer in the industry.”

The digital transformation of the iconic ballpark shows howtoday’s display technologycan without problemintegrate into stadiumsand present unique interactive offers for fans. Built for the future, Samsung’s technology upgrades to Citi Field create an interactive environment for all generations of baseball fans who visit the ballpark.


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