Ronaldo’s Excessive Ego Has Damaged His Legacy –Matthaus

Ronaldo’s Excessive Ego Has Damaged His Legacy –Matthaus

Germany World Cup winning captain Lothar Matthaus has revealed that Crisitiano Ronaldo’s excessive ego has damaged his true legacy which he has built over the years.

Ronaldo has talked his way into a contract termination at Manchester United, while he also disappointed at the 2022 World Cup with Portugal.

Matthaus told BILD: “With his ego tricks, Ronaldo has hurt the team and himself. There is no doubt that he was an amazing player and an absolutely deadly finisher.

“But now he has damaged his legacy. I have a hard time believing that he can find a place in a team. I feel a little sorry for Ronaldo.

“Ronaldo is of course a major failure of the World Cup, the opposite of (Lionel) Messi. (Messi is) the absolute winner.

“He deserves it because he has given me and all the football fans great joy with his qualities and how he has played over 17-18 years. For me, Messi is the player of the millennium.”

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