RIDICULOUS: Ludwig Reportedly Lost a Brand Deal Because of a Photo with Amouranth



RIDICULOUS: Ludwig Reportedly Lost a Brand Deal Because of a Photo with Amouranth

Twitch streamers hold a lot of influence over people on the internet. Therefore, they make for perfect social media ambassadors for most companies trying to grow their presence online. There are many streamers who these companies can approach. Out of all these, Ludwig was also a highly sought partner, especially after his legendary subathon.



Surprisingly, regardless of all his fame, one of the companies denied him a brand deal. Ludwig rose to be one of the biggest names on Twitch for a short while. Although he doesn’t hold the throne he once did, his influence is still very strong. Therefore, it is shocking to believe a company wouldn’t want to work with him.

Company gives Ludwig a bizarre reason for denying him a brand deal

Almost all Ludwig and OfflineTV fans might remember the bet between him and Disguised Toast. As a result of Ludwig losing this bet, he had to tweet a photo of him in his underwear in front of a painting. While the picture made for tons of laughs for his fans and even the internet, it proved to be disastrous for the streamer.

Source: Ludwig

Unfortunately, a company, that Ludwig decided to keep anonymous, denied him a brand deal since the photo of him in underwear went viral on the internet. According to them, the image may hurt the company’s brand value, and thus, they wouldn’t want to associate with the streamer.

Unfortunately, the company failed to understand that it is these antics of Ludwig that makes him so popular among his fans. Regardless, even if one ignores this issue, it wasn’t the only reason the company denied him the deal.

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Amouranth isn’t a ‘brand-safe’ personality

His lost bet to Toast wasn’t the only bizarre reason why the company denied him a deal. In fact, it was another photo in question that Ludwig uploaded which cost him the deal. Surprisingly, this photo wasn’t even explicit or problematic. Instead, it was a portrait with the popular hot tub Twitch streamer Amouranth.

Apparently, because I had a picture with Amouranth, I was not brand-safe enough to work with the company.”

Amouranth has definitely been surrounded by many controversies recently. She doesn’t have the cleanest image across the internet. However, the photo in question wasn’t problematic at all and still ended up costing Ludwig the deal.

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