Revealed: The sacrifice Premier League clubs may have to make to ensure the games continue


Revealed: The sacrifice Premier League clubs may have to make to ensure the games continue

Premier League clubs vow to continue despite mounting COVID-19 cases

Earlier today, the 20 Premier League clubs met to discuss the prospect of pausing the English top flight amid soaring COVID-19 cases, which saw 6 games postponed this weekend, as well as three in midweek.

While all clubs should have played 18 rounds of fixtures now, only 7 sides have done so, and on the other end of the scale Tottenham and Burnley have played just 15 each.

However, it was decided that they would continue to play through the festive period where possible, with The Athletic reporting:

“Some clubs, including Liverpool, supported moving one round of fixtures and it is understood that they were not the only side to speak up in favour of the idea. But others argued that such a plan was too complex and riddled with risk.”

It is thought that economic consequences were front and centre, with TV deals to Amazon and BT as well as Sky in jeopardy should they not continue.

However, they may have to do so without crowds again temporarily.

Behind closed doors “increasingly likely”

According to Henry Winter, cheif football reporter for the Times, games returning to behind closed doors encounters is becoming increasingly likely, and may in fact be enforced by the government.

Clubs themselves would be unwilling to seize the initiative given the potential economic hit, but should the Government implement new restrictions, they may be left with no choice.

Should the whole league be stopped, or should they continue without the fans?

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