Reason appreciates Zodwa Wabantu after encounter at a party


Reason appreciates Zodwa Wabantu after encounter at a party

Reason appreciates Zodwa Wabantu after encounter at a party

Rapper Reason publicly appreciates Zodwa Wabantu after encountering her on a personal level at DBN Gogo’s birthday party.

Taking to Instagram, the rapper shared a video of himself thanking the entertainer for the life-changing conversation they had.

He said Zodwa appreciated his new life and further dished him some interesting advice.

“Zodwa turns to me and she’s like ‘you know I’m really happy for you.’ And I’m like ‘what do you mean?’ She’s like ‘I’m really happy that you are doing you. The one day you’ve got blond hair, the next day you’ve got pink hair now you are here with the amapiano bros, next thing you are with Tira. You are just living your life and you are happy. You’re doing you,”

“She went on to say she’s always known me as this serious person, this careful guy, and now I’m just doing me. She said I should be grateful for that because people out there aren’t doing them and they’re not happy,” he said.

“She went on to say people will talk when you do you. Some will have negative comments because you’re not behaving the way they think you should be behaving. You are not moving the way that they want you to move,” said the rapper.

“So a lot of people will criticise, a lot of people will have opinions, a lot of people might want to make jokes about it. But at the end of the day, you are here, you are alive, you’re present and you are having a good time and you are happy. You need to be grateful for happiness and for the ability to do you and be happy doing you,” he added.

Reason affirms Zodwa’s advice and cared less about those gossiping about him.

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