Realme’s TechLife gets a Narzo redesign

Realme’s TechLife gets a Narzo redesign

Realme's TechLife gets a Narzo redesign

Realme announced the TechLife ecosystem a few years ago, under which it launched many AIoT devices, including smart home products such as an air purifier and a vacuum cleaner. The company also introduced Dizo as the first TechLife ecosystem sub-brand for AIoT products. Now, it looks like Realme wants to change things up a bit since the brand announced that it won’t be launching any more AIoT products in the TechLife ecosystem, as it “will now be your go-to page for all things realme narzo.” .

Realme also asked its AIoT fans to follow @realmeIndia on Twitter since AIoT products will probably only be launched under the Realme brand.

This announcement makes us wonder about the fate of Dizo, whose portfolio consists mainly of wireless headphones and connected watches. It has launched a few handsets, but they are not smartphones. There’s also a hair dryer and a few beard trimmers, but that’s also something Realme has launched.

It’s also worth mentioning that Dizo was supposed to be joined by more brands as part of the TechLife ecosystem. However, it’s been almost two years since Dizo launched its first product, and with TechLife now being entirely dedicated to Narzo – a range that only includes smartphones – it remains to be seen whether Dizo will continue to be part of the TechLife ecosystem or will become a proper sub-brand of Realme.

As of this writing, Dizo’s official website continues to list “Smart Entertainment”, “Smart Home”, “Smart Care”, and “Accessories” as product categories and states that Dizo relies on industrial design , Supply Chain and Realme’s AIoT. experience and after-sales service to run the business.

Speaking of Narzo, Realme has started teasing a new Narzo smartphone in India but has yet to disclose its specs. However, you can expect the brand to reveal more as we get closer to its launch.


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