PlayStation Might Be Working on These Titles in Response to Xbox’s Exclusives


PlayStation Might Be Working on These Titles in Response to Xbox’s Exclusives

A lot games are being developed for the PS5 as we speak. And as exciting as that is, what’s more exciting are the rumors about some of the biggest games that could be coming to PlayStation consoles in the future. These rumors suggest a possible sequel for Control, and that Horizon might get a spinoff just for the PSVR 2. If these games really are in development, Xbox needs to watch out.


There’re also new Silent Hill rumors.

The biggest games that might be coming to PlayStation consoles

Control sequel

Even though Remedy Studios is currently developing a few games, a new job listing by the developer gives has given rise to rumors concerning a Control Sequel. Developer Remedy and Sony have had a good relationship in the past. And people from Sony visiting Remedy Studios and the other way around. The job listing mentions that Remedy is looking for someone to work on the Control Franchise. And the listing is for a Senior Producer.


Porting a game isn’t super difficult and would hardly need a new Senior Producer. This is why gamers across the globe are thinking that the position must be for the development of a sequel to Control.

Abandoned is Silent Hill

Gamers will latch on to any Silent Hill rumor that makes its way to the internet, it would seem. And they can’t be blamed because Kojima has indeed made use of diabolical tactics to reveal his games.

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A small indie studio named BlackBox Game Studios is releasing a game called Abandoned. The game is a survival horror game that makes good use of next-gen technologies. And Silent Hill fans can’t stop comparing the game to P.T. and other Silent Hill games. Even though the Director of Abandoned Hasan Kahraman has tried to distance himself and his coming game from Kojima and Silent Hill, players still remain hopeful.

And the official Konami shop also posted this tweet that fuels the flame, suggesting a Silent Hill game will come soon.


Horizon VR spinoff

Firesprite has been recruiting people on and off for an ambitious VR project based on an established title. Nothing has been confirmed, but sources believe these listings are an indication that a Horizon VR spinoff might come to PSVR 2.

Gamers hope these rumors regarding some of these huge games turn out to be true, and they get their desired games on their favorite PlayStation console. If PlayStation gets these games, they might get ahead of Xbox in the race for console superiority.

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