Persona 3 Remake and Jet Set Radio Reboot Footage Reportedly Leaked Online

Persona 3 Remake and Jet Set Radio Reboot Footage Reportedly Leaked Online

Persona 3 Remake and Jet Set Radio Reboot Footage Reportedly Leaked Online

Gameplay footage of what appears to be a full-fledged Persona 3 remake and the upcoming Jet Set Radio game has reportedly surfaced online. The leaks are believed to be from a 2021 internal meeting at SEGA Japan and feature a five-second clip of Persona 3 protagonist Yukari Takeba firing a barrage of arrows at a flying shadow. The clip then transitions into a cutscene for 2022’s Sonic Frontiers, before showing a glimpse of a Beat-like character from Jet Set Radio dancing through the streets of Shibuya, Tokyo. Persona fans have their doubts about the remake – calling the fan footage – but rumors about it have been circulating for years.

A ResetEra thread from January noted that developer Atlus is “way away” in developing the next installment, Persona 6, alongside the Persona 3 revamp. According to the “Im a Hero Too” leaker, the games are slated for a “American summer revelation”. ‘ which could be anytime between June and August, and a teaser for Persona 6 was already scheduled to be shown.

Gematsu has corroborated claims that a Persona 3 remake has been in development at Atlus for years. As usual, take such leaks with a grain of salt, although it’s not a stretch to expect a remake given that the game has considerably begun to show its age, both graphically and mechanically. . Persona 3 Portable was introduced to PC and modern consoles on January 19, but lacked many features, which could be why Atlus wanted to release a full remake of the game so it would look significantly different and a worthy upgrade.

Following the first leaked images, the Sega news site SEGA bits shared blurry images of the new game Jet Set Radio. The user says they’ve previously received similar images from a consumer survey, to gauge an art style for the game. Although blurry, the silhouettes and color scheme appear to match the leak, although that they cannot be shared in full clarity because the images are watermarked to the specific person completing the survey. “We have a good relationship with SEGA, so we don’t like to leak and mess up things that come our way, that’s why we held back on sharing,” SEGAbits explained in a follow-up tweet. “But the cat got taken out of the bag by others, so I thought we’d share some more.” It was previously reported that the skateboarding game was set to be released as part of Sega’s “Super Game” initiative, alongside a new Crazy Taxi game.

A domain registration for a website called on March 15 also confirms the validity of the Persona 3 remake. It was discovered by a Twitter user. @MbKKssTBhz5 and was registered by the same domain provider as the Persona 5 Royal website. Persona 3 has you assume the role of a high school student investigating the dark hour, a specific period of time between one day and the next. Like all other Persona entries, you take part in battles against Shadows that feed on the minds of innocent human beings.

A portable version of Persona 3 was released earlier this year, on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X and Nintendo Switch.

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