One dead, one arrested following foiled farm house robbery


One dead, one arrested following foiled farm house robbery

blankThe police have reported that a suspect has been killed while another was arrested in a failed robbery at a farm in Sundra, Mpumalanga.


According to provincial police spokesperson, Brig Leonard Hlathi said the robbers failed in robbing the home of the 66-year-old farmer and his wife, 64.

The husband was away while the wife was at home when the robbers invaded on Wednesday.

“He went to the main gate at the road while his wife stayed inside the house.”

“Three suspects approached the house and asked the victim [wife of the farm owner] to open the security gate.”

“One suspect tried to open the gate producing a firearm. The victim ran to the room and fetched the .38 special revolver from the safe.”

“As the victim returned, the suspects were still there trying to open the gate. At that stage she opened fire.”

“The suspects then ran away. One managed to evade capture,” Hlathi said.

A police captain who was on his way to work heard the gunshots.

“Capt Fouche from Springs detectives, who resides opposite the farmholding in Sundra, was on his way to work when he heard gunshots. ”

“He immediately responded and requested backup from Sundra SAPS and the neighbourhood watches,” Hlathi added.

There was a chase that later led to an exchange of gunfire.

A suspect was killed during the shoot-out while the police was able to apprehend the second arrested.

However, the third escaped.

Two firearms were seized at the scene.

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