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‘Oldest 24-YO’: Chris Paul with a Hilarious Take on Devin Booker after the Suns Defeated Clippers


‘Oldest 24-YO’: Chris Paul with a Hilarious Take on Devin Booker after the Suns Defeated Clippers

The Clippers met the Phoenix Suns on their home court to try and tie the series in Game 4. However, it were the visitors who started the proceedings with a De’Andre Ayton layup on a Chris Paul Assist. In no time, the Suns were 14-2 ahead, giving the Clippers the same rusty start.

Post that, the home team showed a sign of comeback but they failed miserably from the three-point range. Also, both Patrick Beverley and Reggie Jackson going scoreless in Q1 didn’t help their case. But after going 14 points down by halftime, the turnaround came in Q3 and the Clips were back in the game. 

Chris Paul had a little fun in the end

A 14-point game became a 1-point (70-71) game four minutes into Q4 with Clippers taking the charge. However, it was then that they lost close to five possessions and a clear chance for an advantageous lead. It was a disastrous night for the Clippers off the rim because they missed way too many and eventually lost the game.

In the end, although Chris Paul missed a couple of crucial jumpshots, he made up for the loss with his FTs. CP3 converted 6/7 FTs and most of those came in the final seconds when the Clippers were desperate for a possession. But the Suns held the composure and won 84-80 in a well-defended game.

Later, in the post-game interview, the 36-YO vet leader of the Suns made a funny remark on Booker. He made a case for the youngster aging too soon and said –

Notably, Devin Booker threw away his protective mask in Q3 after blowing a wide-open layup. Perhaps Chris decided then and there what he had to say during the conference.

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What were some key moments for Phoenix Suns from Game 4?

With initial scores at 20-11 and the Suns leading, Paul George invited an unnecessary technical foul. Just as PG went flying to convert a layup, a sprinting Devin Booker contested him mid-air and caught him off-balance. What could’ve been two FTs for the Clippers turned into a free shot for the Suns.

Later, Booker picked his fourth foul entering Q4 and also attracted a tech after pushing PG. If this was not juicy, the events followed by a verbal back-and-forth between George and Chris Paul that kept going on and off. It were fouls raining in the final quarter with game seeing a stoppage every other sclutch second because of a call or a challenge. 

Finally, the Suns could take the benefit from Paul George missing crucial FTs and clocked the win. Also, the Clippers were a pathetic 5/31 from the three-point line which made all the difference.

Do you think the Clippers can come back from here? Help us know in the comments.

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