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Okorocha: My agenda for Nigeria is to create wealth


Okorocha: My agenda for Nigeria is to create wealth

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Presidential aspirant and senator representing Imo west, Rochas Okorocha has stated that his “agenda” for Nigeria, in line with his ambition to occupy the country’s number one office, is to create wealth.

This was stated on Monday by Okorocha in his presentation at the ‘Greater Nigeria Conference’ organised by the Nzuko Umunna, an Igbo think-tank.

The conference featured discussions on why a candidate from the south-east should win the 2023 presidential election.

According to the former Imo governor, his track record in providing free education to “over 25,000 children across the country” through his foundation, as well as his interest in promoting unity, make him the best person to take over from President Muhammadu Buhari.

“I have listened to all that has been said and all I can deduce from it, is to say I believe in what God can do, and for that reason, to God be all the glory,” he said.

“But my brothers and sisters from the south-east, the political sun will rise from the south-east. And when the sun rises, there will be a new Nigeria that will advance the work of peace, develop the resources of our land, and improve on all that we have as a nation. When that sun rises — and it must rise — our nation will be seen as a united, indivisible nation.

“What Igbos are asking for is not to rule Nigeria. Igbos are asking to be given opportunity to preside over the affairs of this nation so that the Hausa man can be a Yoruba man, Yoruba man can be an Igbo man. That’s where I stand and that’s what makes the difference.

“I want to say to all of you, that if I must speak, I speak on track record. I heard my colleagues talk about out-of-school children. I qualify to speak on that because if I say education must be free, believe me because I’ve done that as an individual. I have over 25,000 children from every part of this country going to school under my scholarship. That’s what I mean by track record.

“If I dare say to you that I’ll create wealth, I will create wealth. My only agenda for this nation is to create wealth. I’ve heard your past abuses and all kinds of uncomplimentary words to leaders, but I say to you that the problem of Nigeria is that Nigeria doesn’t understand its problem.

“The problem of Nigeria is simply that the population is growing in geometrical progression, while the wealth of the nation is declining in arithmetical progression. The gap in-between this population and the wealth is what is called ‘apparent poverty’, which does not reflect any practical reality in this nation.

“Nigeria needs a unifier. The question for the Ndigbo is ‘who can the Yoruba, Hausa trust for this presidency?’ I can be trusted. Who can make the difference? The Igbo must never be found wanting. We must join the mainstream.”

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