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Obasanjo: Nigeria’s situation troubling but…


Obasanjo: Nigeria’s situation troubling but…

Obasanjo: Nigeria’s situation troubling but…

Former president Olusegun Obasanjo has said the direction in which the country is headed leaves much to be desired

He, however, said he’s optimistic that the fortune of the country will change for good if its citizens hold on to God.

Obasanjo spoke on Tuesday at the global crusade organised by the Deeper Christian Life Ministry (DLCM), held in Abeokuta, the Ogun capital.

According to him, as long as believers remain committed to promoting truth and upholding integrity, God will look upon such persons and have mercy on the country.

“When you consider what is going on in our own country, in West Africa, on the continent of Africa, and in the world, our city, our state, our country, our region of West Africa, our continent, and indeed our world, requires a crusade of this nature,” he said.

“Some people accuse us Christians of religiosity without spirituality. Yes, that has been the position of the world even in the time of Jesus Christ. But should we lose hope? No.

“There is no time in the world that things have been bad and there have not been children of God who stood out. In the time of Noah, Noah stood out. God described Job in a way that not many people have been so described — the man who feared God, shunned evil; a honest man of great integrity,

“I believe that because of men and women like that in Nigeria today, God will open his eyes and have mercy on this country. Unless those who do not want to be fair to this country, those who don’t want to be honest with themselves will say that all is well. All is not well, but then, if we trust in God and we believe in Jesus Christ, all will be well.

“Children of God, whatever may be our situation, whatever may be the condition, let us have faith in God and all will be well.”

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