Nota Baloyi – “Shimza doesn’t have one hit song”


Nota Baloyi – “Shimza doesn’t have one hit song”


Nota Baloyi went hard on DJ Shimza this Monday morning without sparing him.

The DJ trended on Twitter, after flier of a Ministerial cook-out event went viral on social media. On the flier, Shimza’s restaurant, Hang Awt is the venue, while Somizi Mhlongo is the host of the event.

Lots of persons claim the two celebs are feasting on the national cake meant to be shared for all and sundry in South Africa.

Nota shoots fire at the DJ for benefitting from the ‘corrupt’ government, instead of creating means to better Tembisa town in general.

In a bid to cancel Shimza, The Authority who is known to be outspoken says the DJ doesn’t even have a single hit song.

“Shimza doesn’t even have one hit song.Since when is the shit hole Tembisa a tourist attraction? When I visit my family there I have to risk bursting my tires in potholes. The crime in Tembisa is a tourist deterrent. Shimza should’ve thought of this before calling me a “MOESKONT!””

“Fix your corruption, jou moerskont… Tembisa is a shit hole and you can’t even call out the local government for the lack of service delivery because you benefit while our family members in Tembisa live in squalor. Shame on you. Your people are suffering and you celebrate that!”

“Shimza must just do himself a favour and stay away from local election campaigns. We want a new local government administration that’s going to ensure that the people of Tembisa have their dignity restored!”



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