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These 6 Affirmations will help every woman pass through the single phase


These 6 Affirmations will help every woman pass through the single phase

These 6 Affirmations will help every woman pass through the single phase

The single life can be self-actualizing and enjoyable, but you need to embrace it first.

There is already something society and people perceive to be a normal path. You leave school, Get a job, meet the man of your dreams, fall in love and get married and all these should be achieved at 25. Well, it doesn’t always happen like that.

The key is to not let the pressure to upgrade from your single status get you down. Try to see the bright side of your current relationship status instead of always wanting what you don’t have.

Here are 6 affirmations to help every single lady get through those lonely moments.

1. The most important person you’ll ever love is yourself

You can’t expect someone else to love you if you don’t even love yourself.  A girl who loves herself has come to terms with her shortcomings and flaws, she has acknowledged her fears and failures, and she loves who she is, despite these things and is comfortable in her own skin.

2. Your previous relationships ended for a reason

Those relationships ended because they were supposed to in order for you to make way for a better future. So stop holding on to the past. The best thing to do is find your reason. The sooner you can figure out what chains you to the past and keeps you holding on, the easier it’ll be to break the chains.

3. It’s better to be single than being with the wrong person.

Sometimes we’re so desperate for love that we look for it in all the wrong places. We latch onto the wrong people, hoping they can fill a void in our lives. Why waste your time with a guy who will only end up making your life miserable? Being single is nothing to be afraid of — making a huge mistake by marrying the wrong guy is.

4. Not being too picky

You spend more time being single than in relationships, and you have a habit of finding a range of faults in prospective dates. Sometimes you focus on little things which end up causing the demise of the relationship. Being stubborn about the kind of guy you see yourself with is only hurting your chances at finding love. Broaden your horizons and you could be pleasantly surprised at what you find out about yourself and what you’re really looking for.

5. There’s more to life than your relationship status

There is more to life than love. There’s more to life than getting married in your early twenties. Basing all your self-worth on your relationship is a recipe for disaster. People change, and breakups happen, but it’ll never change the fact that you’re amazing, and you don’t need a guy to be happy.

6. Getting married is not necessarily the key to happiness and eternal bliss

Getting married is not necessarily the key to achieving eternal bliss. Some people were no more satisfied with life after marriage than they were prior to marriage. The guy who’s good enough right now, probably won’t stay that way 10 years from now, and you’ll be wishing you held out instead of assuming that was as good as it could possibly get.

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