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Aewon Wolf almost lost his house to a fire accident


Aewon Wolf almost lost his house to a fire accident

Aewon Wolf almost lost his house to a fire accident

South African artist, Aewon Wolf, whose real name is Arnold Phillips, just narrated how his house almost got burnt.

Taking to Twitter, the singer says he isn’t a fan of bad news, but he had to his encounter, in other to help people incase they experience such fire accident in their home.

I don’t like sharing bad things platforms but today my house almost burnt down. luckily I thought to call the actual fire station direct. The fire spread so fast I could easily of lost my home if they were any delays. So here’s some advice that might help you one day.

He shared steps that can help in a thread of tweet.


Step 1. Google the nearest fire station’s direct number. Then save and share that number with whoever you stay with. According to the firemen who assisted me. Calling 10111 can result in delays that could cost you dearly.

Step 2. Try keep a fire extinguisher or a reliable hose pipe in case of small fires you can handle do not let any small fire survive cause it could turn at any point. Extinguish that dam thing!

Step 3. Avoid stock piling any wood or dry leaves anywhere near Bush or trees that could a fire to your property.

Step 4. Don’t be Rambo and get too close to a wild fire to try stop it yourself. If the fire is big or wild, get a safe distance away and wait for the fire dept to do its thing. I got some burnt clothes and singed hair to vouch for this. Lol

Step 5. Don’t panic and try stay logical. These are steps I took or I took for granted and that can help anyone in a similar situation. Other fires can be different. I was lucky/Blessed to have minimal damage to my property. So I hope this helps.


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