Nelisa Mchunu tells “broke girls” to step up their games


Nelisa Mchunu tells “broke girls” to step up their games


Nelisa Mchunu has stepped on the toes of many most especially women following her statement about “broke girls”.

In her words, the star encourages women to try to step up a little and get something doing as men are tired of broke, poor, lazy, demanding and uneducated women.

However, her innocent advice has gotten some of the tweeps angry as they also ask her to step down from her high horse.

Nelisa said: “I don’t know who needs to see this but Men are also tired of dating broke, demanding, uneducated, poor and lazy women. Step up sis!!” 

Although she already deleted the post, but many took to their TL to tell the star to be careful that she might also lose all she has within a day.

They also made her know that most people are educated, qualified women but they are scarce.

Karabo Mkaofane wrote: “Don’t call people broke just because someone gave you an opportunity to be where you are today, people are not lazy opportunities are scarce out there. Are you rich Nelisa ?”

Sizwe Mzobe also shared the same sentiments and warned Nelisa by saying, “Oh yes right no one will understand the situation till u in the same as them u called broke.”

Sabelo Thabethe said: “My sister has a degree in public relations. She graduated in 2017. But until today she is still looking for a job. So be careful when you pick such words. They can turn on you tomorrow.”

Many other SA celebrities also spoke their minds as some felt people need to help others during this tough Covid-19 times.





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