Moonchild Sanelly fumes, slams absent fathers


Moonchild Sanelly fumes, slams absent fathers

Moonchild Sanelly fumes, slams absent fathers

Moonchild Sanelly was the talk of the town yesterday after a video of her having an heated argument with her baby daddy went viral.

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The star had her baby daddy on the last episode of Moonchild’s reality TV show Moonchild Sanelly Woza and it turned out to be a war.

The Bashiri hitmaker slammed him for not taking proper care of her kids and also doing his responsibilities as a father.

Moonchild went on to lambast other fathers who fail in the duties.

However, the video led to #ThankYouSpermDonor being tweeted by those who agreed with her statements.

Moonchild caught wind of the conversations taking place and had more to say on the topic of absent parenting.

Many of her fans agreed to her and went ahead to thank their baby daddy for their sperm as they have beautiful children which they are proud of.

Moonchild tweeted: “We raise our kids to make better choices than us. But mostly to never attract partners like their dads.”

See tweet below:

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