Monster Hunter Rise Title Update Introduces Ferocious New Beasts into the Game


Monster Hunter Rise Title Update Introduces Ferocious New Beasts into the Game

Monster Hunter Rise was one of the games discussed at length at Capcom’s inaugural presentation at E3. The game officially released on March 26. Recently, Capcom released a title update for the game. Thus, there are now tons of new quests to complete and creatures to hunt.

One of the deadliest monsters introduced with the update is Magnamalo. It is essentially a tiger covered in purple scales. The creature also possesses protrusions of bone along its spine and tail which give it a deathly appearance. This monster on the cover of Monster Hunter is described as “the physical manifestation of the grudges of fallen warriors.” 

In order to defeat this beast, you must master several important skill sets in the game. The wirebug is a movement tool in the game with which you must become comfortable. Not only is it effective for transportation but can also perform ranged and dash attacks against enemies.

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Monster Hunter Rise collab introduces additional quests

The first demo for Monster Hunter Rise was released back in January 2021. At the time, players were battling against the Great Izuchi which is a velociraptor with the plush pelt of a fox, the Mizutsune, a bubble-blowing serpent with a bushy tail, the Rathian, a dragon crossed with a pine cone; and, lastly, Arzuros a creature which is part-bear, part-badger. Magnamalo will be the latest addition to the collection of 61 monsters that already exist in the game.

The first Capcom collab for Monster Hunter Rise will be with the upcoming Monster Hunter Stories 2. At E3, the developer announced that starting June 18, players will get to experience a new Stories-inspired quest. In an upcoming update 3.1, the developer will introduce a variety of new mission types, cosmetics, and stickers available through paid DLC.

While the game was expected to arrive for PC, it still remains a Nintendo Switch exclusive. Are you excited to take on the new beast Magnamalo in Monster Hunter Rise? Let us know in the comments down below.

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