Mixed reactions trail loved-up video of Paul Okoye’s ex-wife, Anita and alleged new lover

Mixed reactions trail loved-up video of Paul Okoye’s ex-wife, Anita and alleged new lover

A video of Paul Okoye’s ex-wife, Anita Okoye, and her alleged new man has divided netizens thereby stirring various comments from them.

It all started after a Twitter user known as @KingStianoxdrew the attention of Nigerians to their hypocrisy in handling Paul’s new relationship in comparison to Anita’s.

WiTHIN NIGERIA recalls that Rudeboy had shown off his new woman and many had berated him for moving on swiftly from his ex.

The man in a series of tweets however recalled how many turned deaf ears and ignored a video of Anita being kissed by a man, said to be her new boyfriend.

The mother of three, who recently turned a new age, had celebrated her birthday at a club and had shared a video of a white man on her Instagram story.

Emphasizing the hypocrisy and favouritism among cybernauts, especially women, the bird app user wrote:

“When Anita Okoye unveiled her new man, men kept cool. No man insulted the man, women acted blind and d** as if they didn’t see what Anita did.

Weeks after posting this Dude, Paul Okoye followed suit and posted his new girlfriend.

Internet scattered, women rose up, and body shaming begins. Listen, after divorce, anyone is free to enjoy anyone. Even if Paul’s girl be Alika or skeleton. Make una leave her alone”.

Watch the video below:

Following the viral video, while many made a case for Anita, others dragged her for dumping her husband for a white man.

One Sonia wrote, “Abeg Paul should tell her to remove his surname from her page. She no get shame. This white man go still cheat on her.”

One Krown sunshine wrote, “Well, I guess she moved on”

One Extraordinary wrote, “You see!! Y’all bashing Paul thinking she’s a saint, person wey don dey collect oyinbo gbola since.”

One Ada Spicy wrote, “I knew it, she is going to upgrade to a rich white man”

One Chuxy flow wrote, “Na wa oooo… Married men n women be like phone charger, anybody can use it. No shame again… What are they teaching their children now???”

One Igwe Bike wrote, “Even as u no dey with your husband again u no fit carry too put for one place… I sure say na the information dey your husband and get about u make am go find small pikin dey friend… Come still dey show am for social media”

Defending Anita, One Roman goddess wrote, “She wasn’t the one that cheated! She tolerated hike for years and got tired. She’s happy now! Y’all move on. At least she’s not being dramatic about moving on”

One Genda Libra wrote, “Who said that’s her man? Archaic mindset will not allow una to see that the rest of the world has progressed from your outdated ways of thinking/living. This could just be a friend/acquaintance. Many of my friends greet by kissing on the cheek. Free her abeg”.

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