Mighty Quest Rogue Palace is a Roguelite hack-and-slash with corny characters and silly dialogue

Mighty Quest Rogue Palace is a Roguelite hack-and-slash with corny characters and silly dialogue

Mighty Quest Rogue Palace is a Roguelite hack-and-slash with corny characters and silly dialogue

Mighty Quest Rogue Palace, the sequel to The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot, is available now on Netflix Games on iOS and Android mobile devices. Part of Netflix’s significant expansion plans for games in 2023, Mighty Quest Rogue Palace was developed by Ubisoft and is exclusive to the Netflix Games platform on iOS and Android, for now. The game is a hack-and-slash action-adventure title that puts you in charge of a band of heroes tasked with unleashing the sleeping, nightmarish spirit of a king. The game can be downloaded now on supported devices.

Mighty Quest Rogue Palace: How to play

As with other Netflix Games titles, Mighty Quest Rogue Palace is free – if you have a valid Netflix subscription. The popular international streaming platform has strived to establish itself as a provider of not just movies and TV shows, but also mobile games, with the aim of establishing itself as an entertainment hub for all kinds of recreational content. Netflix Games titles can be downloaded as separate apps on iOS and Android, but you’ll need to sign in to your Netflix account or be already signed in through the main Netflix mobile app on the same device.

Mighty Quest Rogue Palace: first impressions

Developed by Ubisoft, Mighty Quest Rogue Palace puts you in charge of hero Lord Logan, returning to the king’s palace. Unfortunately, the palace has been invaded by a kind of “vacuum”, which has engulfed the entire kingdom except for the palace and a few of its occupants, which interestingly includes a royal cat and a fully-featured non-playable character. unnecessary with a wooden bucket. on his head, whose only job is to make silly jokes.

I had the chance to play Mighty Quest Rogue Palace shortly before its public release. The game starts out a bit confusing, especially if, like me, you’re unfamiliar with the series’ previous installment, The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot. The learning curve isn’t inherently steep, but you could spend a few minutes initially aimlessly smacking enemies without fully understanding the point of it all.

Fortunately, the core gameplay is fairly easy to master, as Rogue Palace is, at its heart, a hack-and-slash action game with Roguelike elements that involves attacking and dispatching numerous enemies. That said, you’ll need to keep an eye on your own health, grow your skills, learn when it’s best to use particular skills, and upgrade your gear and abilities along the way.

The real action takes place in the mind of the king, as he is locked in an endless slumber as the ‘vacuum’ surrounds his palace. The objective of Mighty Quest Rogue Palace is to enter the king’s mind, free all heroes, defeat all monsters and bosses occupying parts of the mind, and ultimately banish the void to awaken the king and save the kingdom. Journeys into the King’s mind do not eliminate heroes even after all health has been depleted; you simply return to the palace in the “real” world to upgrade your abilities and gear, and leave.

While Mighty Quest Rogue Palace’s gameplay is fun, I found the lengthy room clearing procedures a bit repetitive. You’ll often find yourself traversing the same rooms and fighting the same bosses as you attempt to progress, and defeat sends you back to the start to try again. As well as improving hero skills, you’ll also find yourself learning and improving along the way, but unfortunately this doesn’t allow you to save your progress often enough. Although that’s to be expected with the Roguelite beacon that comes with the game.

Is Mighty Quest Rogue Palace worth trying?

Netflix games are notably free from in-app purchases and are positioned as premium games as part of your Netflix subscription. This makes Mighty Quest Rogue Palace a worthwhile game if you already have a valid Netflix subscription, since you don’t pay anything extra and you get a top-notch mobile game. As expected, there are no in-app purchases, so you can enjoy the entire game right off the bat.

The platform also recently brought Raji: An Ancient Epic to Android and iOS and is working closely with developers to grow the catalog of mobile games for its subscribers. After Valiant Hearts: Coming Home and Mighty Quest Rogue Pałace, Ubisoft is also working on an Assassin’s Creed title for Netflix Games, although no release date has yet been announced.

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