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Microsoft Reveals Windows 11 With Xbox Game Pass, HDR, Increased Productivity and Much More


Microsoft Reveals Windows 11 With Xbox Game Pass, HDR, Increased Productivity and Much More

Windows 11 seems to be a decent step-up from its predecessor. With smoother animations, slicker menus, and an overall futuristic appeal, Windows 11 has made its first appearance in a noteworthy fashion. It keeps things a lot of the things from Windows 10, and improves upon them.

Everything will be faster. Using different browsers, switching between apps, waking up from sleep, etc.

Plenty of changes for Windows 11

The first visual change comes to the taskbar. It now features the windows icon, the edge icon, and the other all in the middle. And the search menu opens right down the middle of the display. The addition of what looks to be a magnificently designed glass panel containing widgets can be accessed anytime. Users will get to maximize this panel according to their information-driven needs. The panel also features a search bar at the top, to make searching on the web more accessible.

Microsoft Reveals Windows 11 With Xbox Game Pass, HDR, Increased Productivity and Much More

Users will also get to use two apps side-by-side simultaneously without having to switch between the apps. As increasing productivity seems to be the idea behind this Windows version, Microsoft has introduced Snap Layouts. These layouts will facilitate multi-tasking by fitting several windows according to your chosen layout and the size of your screen. Another new addition is called Snap Groups. This feature simplifies returning to work following an interruption. And users can pick up right where they left off.

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If recent times are anything to go by, video chat is an important feature that users can’t live without. It allows them to see people they can’t see in person and communicate with them on a more intimate level. Microsoft acknowledges this, which is why they’ve integrated Microsoft Teams directly into windows. And with the integration of the app, users will be able to connect with their loved ones faster.

The previously mentioned glass panel is powered by AI, which picks up on user behavior and displays content accordingly.
There are also some touch-based incorporations. Windows will support haptics, and there’s a new touch keyboard that will resemble those on the phone.

The changes just don’t stop coming

For people who love to watch streamers do their thing, the Microsoft Store will now come with multiple streaming services.

Adhering to gamers, Microsoft has decided to integrate Xbox Game Pass into windows, and gamers will be able to access it via the Xbox app. Users will also have a better visual experience while gaming since Auto HDR will automatically alter games’ lighting to enhance visual quality.

The MS store also gets an upgrade with more app availability. Windows will now let PWA, UPW, and Win32 apps into their app store. The app store also looks neat. In a bid to be as developer-friendly as possible, Microsoft is allowing developers access to their store with their (developers) own commerce system. And Microsoft gets zero cuts from the transactions that happen in the Store.

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Another huge update, Android apps are finally making their long due way to windows and can be integrated into the start menu or the taskbar. And these apps will be available on the Amazon Android app store that can be accessed via the Microsoft App Store.
Microsoft also has been working Intel, AMD, and more so devices carrying these chipsets offer the best performance on Windows 11.

And lastly, Windows 11 will be the most secure version of Windows yet. Windows 10 did a pretty good job keeping trojans and other common threats at bay, meaning Windows 11 will be even better than last time, in terms of what the Defender is capable of.

With so many major changes coming to Windows 11, addressing the needs of content creators, developers, gamers, and more, this version of Windows is bound to be a success.

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