Microsoft Office Deal: License Your PC for Just $40 Right Now

Microsoft Office Deal: License Your PC for Just $40 Right Now

Microsoft Office Deal: License Your PC for Just $40 Right Now

By default on many school and office computers, Microsoft’s Office suite of apps sometimes seems so ubiquitous that you can take the apps for granted. Microsoft Word, for example, is the industry standard for word processing. Microsoft Excel offers a higher level of spreadsheet functionality than you’ll typically find in Google Sheets. There’s also Microsoft PowerPoint for creating presentations, Microsoft Outlook for email and scheduling, and, on Windows only, Microsoft Access for database management. Together, they’re the original standard for home office productivity – but if you buy them at your own expense, they can quickly get quite expensive.

Assuming the free online free version of Office won’t work for you (see below), your options basically boil down to paying a monthly or annual fee for a Microsoft 365 subscription or getting a one-time Office license, which usually costs up to $430 with the full range of applications. But right now, StackSocial is offering a chance to grab a perpetual Microsoft Office 2021 license for only $40, which is about 90% off the regular price. Best of all, this license, available for Windows or Mac, is a one-time purchase with no recurring fees.


This very popular offer for a Microsoft Office lifetime license is available again for just $40. It’s available for Mac and Windows, so be sure to pick the right one for the computer you use regularly.

StackSocial’s offer is a great deal compared to selling online Microsoft 365 subscription suite which starts at $7 per month or $70 per year for individuals. There is a free online version of Microsoft Office which you can also use, but it’s not as comprehensive. (Separately – and in particular – Apple users should note that Outlook is now a free application for Mac.)

Now, a deal this good comes with a few caveats. First of all, this key is only good for one single computer, so you won’t be able to install it on different machines in your home, and if your current computer crashes, you might run into a problem trying to transfer it. Likewise, you’re missing out on other benefits you’d get as a 365 subscriber. You won’t get any OneDrive Cloud Storage, or the new cloud-based AI features like Microsoft co-pilot. And while the apps should continue to work as long as your computer lasts, Microsoft’s support for this version of Office ends on October 13, 2026.

On that last point: although it’s listed as a “lifetime license” – i.e. the lifetime of the computer you installed it on – it’s worth noting that there is always a risk that Microsoft could terminate the license. But Stack’s versions of the deal have been working for over a year – the one we bought in early 2022, for example, is still working fine. At this price, it takes you a little over six months to get a full ROI from buying the subscription, so the risk factor isn’t very high here.


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