Microsoft adds AI Chatbot to its SwiftKey keyboard app

Microsoft adds AI Chatbot to its SwiftKey keyboard app

Microsoft adds AI Chatbot to its SwiftKey keyboard app

Microsoft has added its Bing AI chatbot to its popular third-party keyboard app SwiftKey for iOS and Android phones, giving users quick access to AI-generated answers and tips.

With the keyboard open, just tap the blue Bing icon above the keyboard on the left to open the submenu, then choose whether Bing AI searches the internet for a query or gives you answers itself through a cat.

The chatbot can also help your conversational, offering suggestions for other ways to phrase a typed statement if you want your messages to sound a little more personable, more fun, or more professional. Heck, it will even condense what you say into something that will fit in a 140 character tweet.

Anyone can use Bing AI to search the keyboard, but the more advanced AI chatbot and tone editing require users to sign in to their Microsoft account first.

Microsoft added AI to its Bing search engine in early February and has rolled out more AI integrations since, such as adding an AI image creator powered by OpenAI’s Dall-E AI to Bing and a AI-powered ‘Copilot’ to its Office apps. It looks like Bing AI is going to play a big role in Microsoft’s products in the future, as the company added it to Windows 11Also.

Ultimately, adding AI capabilities to its products is Microsoft’s way of differentiating itself from its technological rivals. Google launched its own AI Bard end of March and ensured that conversational AI is come to his search enginewhile Amazon launched a new cloud service called Amazon Bedrock which helps AWS customers build AI-powered generative applications.

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The wave of AI was started by OpenAI’s ChatGPT, which arrived late last year to surprise users with its rich yet conversational responses. Reviews slammed ChatGPT for generating plausible but false information, but its potential shocked the tech industry to respond, Google allegedly sound a “red code” after the release of OpenAI’s chatbot.


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