Meaning of Soro Soke | The Trending Slang

Meaning of Soro Soke | The Trending Slang


Meaning of Soro Soke | The Trending Slang

Meaning of Soro Soke | Full Meaning of Soro Soke Trending Slang

What is the meaning of Soro Soke Werey?

Soro Soke Werey is a Yoruba language which simply means “Speak Louder mad man”. It’s mostly used among Nigerians on social media to catch cruise Lol.

The new slang “soro soke werey” is actually not new to those that are very active on the popular micro blogging social network Twitter, as it was where it originated from weeks ago. Well, some as well might have seen this on people’s WhatsApp status but will be wondering what it really means.

Of recent, this slang is now trending online which a lot of folks used it but some are still confused about it since they don’t know what it really means. Actually, the slang “soro soke werey” is literally a Yoruba language, and someone from that tribe could easily translate it to English as ‘speak louder madman/woman’ but the real meaning is beyond that.

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