Masari: Nigeria’s challenges are a sign of growth


Masari: Nigeria’s challenges are a sign of growth

Masari: Nigeria’s challenges are a sign of growth

The Executive Governor of Katsina state, Aminu Masari has stated that some of the challenges confronting the country are part of a phase preparing it to be stronger.

This statement was made by the Katsina governor on Monday when he received a delegation from the house of representatives on a sympathy visit over the fire incident at Katsina Central market and house of assembly.

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Masari said some other countries have gone through worse, adding that with determination and perseverance, Nigeria will conquer all odds and become stronger.

“We believe some of the problems the country is going through, are part of growing up,” Masari said.

“Looking at history from various parts of the world, countries have gone through worst situations and have emerged stronger, more united, more determined and purposeful.

“I do believe, with determination and perseverance, we can conquer all odds, because we have the ability, the capacity, the resources, both human and otherwise, to deal with the current situation.

“And God-willing, we will deal with it squarely for the benefit of our country and Africa as a whole.”

He called on Nigerians to unite and focus on solving the country’s problems, rather than trading blame.

He further urged the national assembly to provide the needed leadership and support to address the country’s challeneges.

“We have a strategic position in Africa in terms of population, resources and capacity to salvage our nation,” he added.

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