“Manipulations & Lies”- Reality TV Star, Beatrice Reacts To Viral Leaked Voicenote




“Manipulations & Lies”- Reality TV Star, Beatrice Reacts To Viral Leaked Voicenote

Reality TV star, Beatrice Tetenge, has reacted to a viral leaked chat, where her co-housemate, Maria Benjamin accuses her of calling her a side hen and ruining her life. Listen to it HERE




Reacting to this, Beatrice didn’t mention any name in her tweet, however, she addressed the situation as lies and manipulation.


Beatrice tweeted:


When you consistently have to lie, project and manipulate people to drive the narrative, it’s obvious who the insecure one is.”

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As expected, Maria’s fans dropped hurtful comments on her post. Read few comments below:


Hating on someone who has nothing against you is witchcraft, those people hailing u will probably laugh at u at d back, Maria isn’t ur problem Dear Beatrice embrace love, if she offends u quietly tell her, all dx fans war won’t help anyone..



This one is dead!
I feel your pain dear Beatrice 😂
Lemme correct you please, I don’t knw who you were referring to buh my love you look like man 😂and I dey sure say that person babe fine pass you😂💔🤲
Btw stop thinking of Maria make you dey resemble woman small😂ode


Maria is all you wish you were. Maria is the kind of woman Whitemoney wants. Maria is the kind of beauty Pere wants. Maria is the kind of beauty&standard cross, Emma and all guys want & you Beatrice are the kind of woman bobrisky want. You gat a goat face over a human body. Bich



Sis I would be pained too if I wasted a once in a life time opportunity like bbn platform. Take it to Christ in prayers. https://t.co/DHEvlT9eQI


Terrorize them Nne, let them cry in your comment section. People be catching sub like mad when you didn’t even mention anybody…



Internet never forgets u no
A mother of one should be more bent on her child’s upbringing lest his pears destroy/spoil his life someway his mom shamefully claimed hers was destroyed by a follow woman on top nomination 😂😂 my dear get a life

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