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Manchester United defender Raphael Varane potential injury timeline revealed


Manchester United defender Raphael Varane potential injury timeline revealed

Varane injury

The latest UEFA Nations League final would play out on Sunday evening.

This year’s final would see Spain and France face off. And, when all was said and done, it would be Les Bleus who added to their silverware collection, picking up a 2-1 win over the Spaniards.

Manchester United would have two players represented in the final, both of whom were playing against Spain.

These were Paul Pogba and Raphael Varane. Pogba had a solid showing on the night, whilst Varane’s evening was cut short via an injury:

Varane return timetable

With Harry Maguire having already missed a handful of games for Man United and England due to injury, fans of the Red Devils were no doubt concerned about having their best two central defenders out for a long period.

Now though, injury expert Dr. Rajpal Brar has provided a potential return timetable for Varane based on his injury.

Dr. Rajpal Brar believes the defender likely has an adductor groin injury, which takes around one to two weeks to recover if it is a grade one or around two and a half to three weeks if it is a grade two:

“Based on where he grabbed on the inside of the right thigh, and additionally, he was seen with ice while seated on the bench on the inside of that right thigh as well as, it is very likely this is an adductor groin injury.

“His return timeline will depend on the specific location, and severity of the injury.

“If it’s indeed an adductor tear, a grade one typically comes with a one to two-week return timeline, grade two you’re looking at two-and-a-half to three weeks, and then a grade three is going to be dependent on if surgery is required or not.

“Although I highly, highly doubt it’s a grade three based on the fact he was able to walk off pretty well and was allowed to be on the bench, as well.

“We’ll certainly find out more, as it’s evaluated by the national team and also by Man United staff as well, but these can be tricky injuries to deal with and quite sensitive to re-injury because of the significant demands placed on the adductors during football.”

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