‘Man United Owners Don’t Care About The Club’ —Ronaldo

‘Man United Owners Don’t Care About The Club’ —Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo has said Manchester United’s owners, the Glazer family, do not care about the club.

Ronaldo stated this in his 90-minute interview released by TalkTV where he also claimed United tried to force him out – and said he has no respect for manager Erik ten Hag.

The Portugal captain insists he does not speak to the Glazer family, who have owned United since 2005, and said they do not have the club’s best interests at heart.

“The Glazers, they don’t care about the club. I mean, professional sport, as you know, Manchester is a marketing club,” Ronaldo said.

“They will get money from the marketing – the sport, it’s, they don’t really care, in my opinion.

“The fans, they’re always right. I think the fans should know the truth, should know that the players want the best for the club. I want the best for the club. This is why I came to Manchester United.”

He said the issues within the club are preventing it from reaching the top level.

In one of the clips from the interview, the 37-year-old alleged that two senior figures at Old Trafford treated him with suspicion when he said his daughter, Bella, was sick with bronchitis – just three months after her twin brother had died.

“I spoke with the director and the president of Man Utd and they kind of didn’t believe that something was going wrong, which made me feel bad,” Ronaldo said.

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