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Madman Spotted Helping A Driver Push His Faulty Bus [Video]


Madman Spotted Helping A Driver Push His Faulty Bus [Video]

A video is currently trending on social media that captures the moments a kind madman was seen helping a motorist push his faulty bus off the road.

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It is unclear what motivated the madman to render help to the driver but we believe after seeing how frustrated the driver became after the bus broke down, he had the conscience to assist him.

Now the question on everyone’s mind is if the madman was indeed insane as he claimed or if he was just trying to fool people.

Well, the video was meted with mixed reactions on social media as many commend the madman for rendering help to the bus driver, something even a mentally stable person would see and ignore.

Watch the video below:

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In other news, the influx of internet fraudsters also known as “Yahoo Boys” has infuriated a man of God to speak against their parents over their unwillingness to scrutinize their wards for engaging in the scam.

According to the man of God, some parents are very much aware that their children are internet fraudsters and yet because of the goodies they enjoy from them, they have maintained their silence and refused to call their children to order.

He stated that parents who refuse to train their children in the right way and prevent them from venturing into internet fraud will soon have their own children killing them in exchange for riches,

Some parents know their children are doing “Yahoo”, he’s buying the car, he’s giving you the money, he will soon link you for “Yahoo Plus”. Go, spend the money and we will be here to attend your funeral and pray for you”, he said.


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