Mabuza says Eskom must be supported


Mabuza says Eskom must be supported


Deputy President David Mabuza said Eskom must be backed up to make sure it develops sustainable infrastructure to meet the country’s energy demands.

Mabuza also mentioned that Eskom serves as the central pillar in reigniting the economy.

Eskom must remain a central pillar to South Africa’s plans of reigniting the economy further impacted negatively by COVID-19 pandemic,” he said.

Furthermore, Mabuza was really concerned about the farm killings and reprimanded it.

Mabuza said now is the time for the criminal justice system to do its work.

Farmers are a very important resource to our country and nation. We will continue to ensure that our criminal justice system responds decisively to such criminal acts that undermine this very sector and the economy as a whole,” he said.

Mabuza was answering questions thrown to him in the National Assembly on Thursday.

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