G-Eazy - Purpell Treez Lyrics

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G-Eazy - Purpell Treez Lyrics


Catch wiffs go and sniff that breeze when I light up these purple trees

I'm peace out once my space ship leaves when I light up these purple trees

Are you coming along with me doe before I light up the purple dro

And to the moon blast off let's go as I light up the purple dro

[Verse 1 - G Eazy:]

Excuse me may I have your attention?

Allow me to put my two cents in

I have something important to mention

Yo it's 4: 19 on the clock bro and that's when

We smoke out somebody grab a swisher spliff

That thang open get the weed broke out

And get it all in every bit I ain't wastin shit

You see this here we got is a relationship

When I was thirteen I fell hard for you

You don't wanna talk need to hit it hard for you

You're so attractive the aroma you carry

Got some chicks on the side but I'm in love with you mary

And when we hook up you relieve that stress

You know what's up when I come round

Uhh I'm bout to put you in this tight brown dress

And me and you are bout to get DOWN


[Verse 2 - Noon:]

Hold on I'm just buzzin

Breakin on the dutch about to roll me another l'

Mary and her mother, grandaddy and cousin

No trees go undiscovered I'm marijuana's colombus

Floatin to a new world feelin' like I'm dumber but

I'm high school high I took courses in the summer

I'm torchin' when the sun up, I'm blazin when the sun down

Just know I stay built every time you see me come 'round

Damn I be lit like a halogen

I spark it and I let it burn slow I ain't a fire-man

Eyes low, shawty ask me where the bottle went

But I don't drink shit I'm on budwisin' and [?]

Yeaah so you know I'm on

It might take a week for me to fall out my zone

Yeah I blow to every [?]

And when the box run out I'm blowing out my bones


[Verse 3 - G Eazy:]

The homie josh came through with a baggie

Asked me if I was tryna chief said hell yeah gladly

Broke his bag down and said bro wanna match me?

Mmh that's what I was thinkin' exactly

I'm supposed to go to class now I'm reakin'

Eyes look bleedin' cause I couldn't wait til the weekend

I'm smokin' on the daily, I swear I keep trying

To quit and get focused or my teacher gon' fail me

About to get my 16th tardy this month

When you're dumb high naturally you miss stuff.

I'm sittin' in the back of the class fucked up

Jottin' in my rhyme book mad bored this sucks

After this I'm headed to the lab you already know

Teacher keeps staring down at me like I bet he knows

Spend my afternoon chillin blowin purple trees

H-h-hot damn this weed stronger than hercules